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May 16, 2016


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Marian Allen

Absolutely, Kiril, "Never give up! Never surrender!" Just keep doing the very best work you (and the ladies) can possibly do, and remember that the most meaningful recognition is the recognition by you that you've done your best. Everything else is icing on the cake. Now that I'm catless, I appreciate your ladies more than ever. :)


>the most meaningful recognition is the recognition by you that you've done your best

Very well said!

After that point, it's up to others folks and their very subjective opinions.



My human says that the CWA Contest is tougher than a lot of people think! She was a judge for three categories this year (she does it every year), and one category, NOBODY got a CofE! Which meant that out of the three judges for this category, none of the entries managed to average enough points to qualify. And these were submissions from really good writers too - it just wasn't their best work. And every year, my human has entered what she thought were really good articles and stories, and they didn't get a CofE. Even the second Dear Sparkle book didn't get one, and that was put out by a major publisher. So yeah, just keep on plugging away and look for more outlets for your writing too. You just need to keep putting yourself out there!

da tabbies o trout towne

hay ewe gals, we noe yur dad hada crap azz week & yea it sux knot two get a "nod" for hiz werk....but pleez tell yur dad we N joy reedin thiz blog... N haz sinz we furst found it ~~~~~ N for what itz werth....Dr Seuss....rejected bout....28 times.... bee for he found a publisher.... trooth ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

Deziz World

Well we fur sure understand da hurt. We also didn't get any nominations, awards or certificates. And what's more were basically told that as long as we use any kitty speak we probably never will. We find dat to be very short sided and discriminatory as we feel our writing is just as good as dat of others and sometimes better than some written in purrfect human English. We take purride in our work and never hit da publish button unless we think it's good enough. So we're sorry you didn't get noticed and sorry 'bout all da bads goin' on, but we think you do a great job. Keep on keepin' on, dat's what we're doin' and someday...just maybe. Sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'


Ellen Pilch

Please keep writing because you enjoy it and I am sure you will get recognition. We do need to find a way to get you more traffic to your blog. Once people know you are here and read your posts, they will love them. I am sorry about Houston Hairy.


We're sorry to hear about your bad week, and not getting recognition you had hoped for from the CWA. Just keep going, Kiril. Pursue your passions, and keep putting yourself out there, okay? Good things will come!

Donna @ Soul Survival

Those of us who write, understand that we have to keep writing, recognition or not! Just keep going. It has it's own rewards!

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