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October 11, 2015


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1200 posts is quite an accomplishment - congratulations! We kitties always make sure the humans here vote. Or at least we make sure my human votes and she makes sure her boyfriend does!

Brian Frum

Congrats on #1200 gang! We are so glad you rescued that little sweetie!


WOW! 1200 posts?! Congratulations, dear pals. Here's to 1200 more and beyond!

Create With Joy

Great shot Kiril - Friday is growing!


Weez glad to hear dat fings be goin' well. Yous all lookin' gawjus.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi


da tabbies o trout towne

hay ewe gals & daddy kirl, conga ratz two ewe on 1200 posts, thatz an awesum accomplishmint !!!! way kewl....de food gurl will bee mor ancient than her all reddy iz.... ta get ta 1200 postz.....

oh, N friday & sneakers....sorree bout all de bass terd burds ~~~ !!!! :) :) now therz a nite mare in de broad day lite :) :)


Ellen Pilch

Congratulations on 1,200 posts- Wow!


Congratulations on 1200 posts. Great to see Friday settling in with Elivra and Sneakers. We miss Nikita, too.

Please stay safe and dry in the coming days!

Rascal and Rocco

Are you feeling the Thanksgiving spirit? I love how you thanked so many in the beginning of your post. Very thoughtful and nice to know how much you appreciate others. We should all think on who and what we're thankful for much more often. Love the pic. Knowing your Daddy, what you'll get wouldn't be half bad, but I sure hope everyone who can, does vote.

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