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September 19, 2015


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Well, if you have to have a name, Friday will do. Elvira, Sneakers and Friday - all unusual names. Wear them well.

Create With Joy

We're DELIGHTED to officially welcome the newest member of your family into our circle of friends and family at Friendship FRIDAY Kiril - a meme which, I'm sure, she will one day assume is named in her honor! :-)

(that is the day we will know she has made the move from kitten to full fledged cat!)

Congrats - I am so happy for you! :-)

Georgia and Julie

Welcome Friday!
You have a wonderful new home and family.
Enjoy your life :)

Purrs, Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ


I think that's a wonderful name, everyone is always happy to see Friday!

Ellen Pilch

Congratulations!!! I had a feeling she was a keeper. That is a cute name, she does have a cute little beard.


OMC, I don't think she could be any cuter! Welcome to the Blogosphere, Friday!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

Aww, that's a good name! At first I thought it was so you could say "my girl Friday" MOL but I like the real reason too!


"Just the facts, m'am ... just the facts!" And the facts are that little furry Friday is the cutest bundle of love and she's found her furever home, which is wonderful for her, and wonderful for you!
Happy, happy to one and all!

Austin Towers

Hi there Friday! What a great name! Welcome! You have found your furrever home for sure xox

Katie Isabella

Oh what a beautiful girl. I am so happy t meet her. Her expression looking up is so vulnerable. I imagine that is a quirk and Friday is a dynamo!!

Rosemary B and Pierro and Miles

This is such a cute story. I really enjoyed it
Welcome home Friday!♥️


Nice to meet you, Friday!

Marilynn, Grace & Co

What a little beauty Friday is!! And Daddy Kiril seems to enhance her gorgeousness with his photography skills. How marvelous!

My very first kitty was also named Friday. He was all black (not a tuxie) and we got him on a Friday afternoon when my kids were 2 and 6. No wonder they love pets in their lives, huh?

Lots of purrrrrrsssss and hugs for all in your household!

Love, Marilynn, Grace & Company

Caren Gittleman

welcome, welcome Friday!!! Ohhhh I LOVE IT!!!


We loved reading this delightful story of the rescued kitten and her integration into your household. I am sure you will all have many happy times together.


We are so very happy for you. What an adorable kitten, and we are so happy she will be a "keeper." She is one very lucky kitten for sure.

Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

Kitteh is so cute! Thank u for the rescue. :)

Luv, Angel Keisha and Murphy the Poodle

Dezi and Lexi

Aaaaaaaw She's a weal cutey. Yous all awe. Weez not know how weez missed yous bloggy. We can't wait to ketch up wiff more adventures wiff yous all and Friday. Hope yous have a blest day.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi


Yes, that was sweet of Ann to send that graphic to welcome Friday. We hope your dad stopped crying before he went to work. :)

The Swiss Cats

Nice to meet you Friday ! Welcome in the Cat Blogosphere ! Purrs

Lily Belle & Muffin

Such a fantastic name for such a cutie pie! Welcome Friday.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Dash Kitten

We saw the little graphic it why we are here! Welcome Friday, you lucked out with a wonderful home.

Samantha & Mom

It is so nice to see you Friday! We are so excited to see you and we know you are the cutest Kitten Ever!
Samantha & Mom

Bev Green

Welcome Friday...always fun to meet a new rescue kitty! paw pats and head bonks Dinnermintz,PickLES,Cleo,Marbles,Doc,Forrest,Felix,Jock and Oscar..purrs woofs and baa's


Welcome little Friday. Friday is a very pretty name for such a very pretty kitten

Mungo & Jet

Daddy Kiril

Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome to my new girl, Friday. Miss Sneakers spent some time, after I got home last night and let her out, explaining to her that a lot of people were very happy for her and her new name and Forever Home...

How much she understood is up for debate but she smiled a lot (Personally, I would, too, if I was let out of a room I was stuck in for 10 hours a day and could play with my new housemates a while, hee, hee!).

Laila and Minchie

Concatulations on the new little one! She is too cute!

Mariya Koleva

Nice to meet you, Friday!

da tabbies o trout towne

a veree veree happee gotcha day two ewe friday....we iz buzzed happee daddy kiril said come join de crew & yur sisturrz said....she can stay...inn deed ceeling cat hada paw in thiz....
welcome two yur for everz home; we think thiz iz de kewlest mewz & we R doin de trout towne shuffle heer; R wishez bee late...but we iz dancin any way ~~~♥♥♥ YAY ~~~~~~~~~ !!!


I am so glad you are no longer alone and have a forever home Friday. Sounds like you will have a lot of fun with your new playmates.

Cleopatra and Mom


We are delighted to meet you Friday and we're sure you will have Daddy Kiril wrapped round your little paws very soon. Make sure he gives you lots of chicken so you grow into a fine lady.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


Are you Daddy Kiril's 13th cat, Friday? Hee-hee! Welcome! You've found a good home, girl.

Elvira Mistress of Felinity


No, she's not.

Daddy thinks that, including her, he's had 5 directly in his life, and 2 or 3 others around when he and his sisters were growing up into the 80's...the earliest he remembers was a leash trained Siamese his maternal Granma lived with in the 60's.

He also visited a lot with the dozen or so cats an uncle and aunt shared a home with, from the 80's thru the early 2000's, until they all moved to Virginia.

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