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April 11, 2014


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I am sending LOTS of purrs to your human, girls! I hate seeing him having to struggle like this financially, and I know he is not the only one...

Rascal and Rocco

Ambulance fees are more than a limo, but your health is more important. Glad you got a day off to take it easy. There will always be bills, but you only have one body, so make sure you take care of yourself! Great to see you on the Pet Parade today!


Your dad does have the adventures, though we imagine he could have done without this one. Hope he manages to get enough rest and not overdo it again.

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady

Aw jeez! Barks and licks to the human!
Thanks for linking up!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

lorraine williamson

take care and sending purrs and prayers my human has issues so I know what that means.

big zen hug, feel better soon.

Samantha & Clementine

Kiril!! I am glad you are resting and getting some down time!

Lot of purrs and prayers for you!

Your TX furiends,
Chandra, Samantha & Clementine

The Swiss Cats

I sent lots of purrs to Daddy Kiril and hope he gets better very soon !

Take care of him !

Purrs, Zorro

Cary Hillman

Sending prayers, Daddy Kiril. Head bonks to the "kids".

Hannah and Lucy

We are sending purrs and purrayers to Daddy Kiril and hope he will try and rest more.

You ladies wait on him and purr him to sleep so he feels much better when he wakes up.

We hope you can find some work that is nearer to where you live so the travel time will be cut down.

Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Laila and Minchie

How awful and scary! Keeping Daddy Kiril in our purrs.

Caren Gittleman

Oh my I cannot begin to tell you how bad I feel reading all of this.

I pray that you are ok, and I sooo pray that your financial situation improves, wish I would win the lottery.......I would give a giant chunk to you!

Kiril Kundurazieff

Thank you, everyone, from the girls and I.

I felt good going back to work, this morning.

A few hugs from co-workers glad to see me, concern from customers who spent yesterday asking about their fave cashier (guess word travels fast) and a blow by blow account of how I went down came today.

Comments and emails from friends and fellow bloggers, and a few donations to the pay pals on my blogs that has been my day.

Thank U everyone for the support....I am doing fine.

Work went well today. I took the bus and brought my bike home...I am going to put money on my bus card to last the rest of the month.

A test will come Monday (originally a day off but added a week ago to earn a bit more) as I get home late Sunday and have to be back at work by 9am.

Lee County Clowder

That must have been a bit more excitement than you really needed. Purrrrrrring that everyone recovers.

Looks like Houston Metro changed the way bus passes work from when Dad was down there.


We're sorry that things are so tough for you right now Kiril.

Elvira and Sneakers are doing their best to look after you.

Please don't over do it.

I am sending you lots of purrs

Luff from
Mungo & The Ape


Wow, definitely sounds like things are tough, and that can take a toll on ones health. Please take care of yourself, and let the kitties provide comfort and energy.

-Your friends Luna and Amanda

Fuzzy Tales

Lots of purrs to your dad, please tell him to take very good care of himself. Our human is sending universal Light for his Highest Good, and your Highest Good too.

And thank you so much for stopping by to wish Nicki a happy Gotcha Day, that was especially kind of you!

da tabbies o trout towne

sendin lots oh purrayers your way for yur dad elvira & sneakers...hope by de time he getz thiz message him iz on de corner of: road ta ree covery & healthee lane..... may bee he shuld eat sum trout ;) best fishes two ewe daddy kiril ♥♥♥

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