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November 16, 2013


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Joey the Nike Cat

Well I have to remind her to give out the treats to everyone you know... Lil Bear just yells at her and the Lady goes running to the bathroom to feed him... what about the rest of us? So he's the youngest... he's not little any more. He should eat with us... and we should eat his food for him... oh wait. that's why she closes the door.

Back to this treat thing. Sometime when the dark comes through the windows, the Mom Lady rattles the treat bag.

How do I get her to give me the treats I require?

I have to reminder her that I am the main cat and should be fed first. I remind her by jumping on her shoulders. See I am the main boy cat. Nobody else does that.

Oh wait, Lil Bear keeps imitating me... He keeps getting on her shoulders. THAT'S MY JOB!!!

The only problem is that the Mom Lady needs to grow bigger shoulders now that I am about 14 inches long from shoulder blade to hip... She doesn't listen. Maybe if she ate the treats too then her shoulders would get bigger... oh well.

The Mom lady hands out these green crunchies and they are wonderful... I make her give me a ton of them of course. They are mine. All treats are mine. I am the NIKE CAT. I have to keep up my strength to save kitties tied to railway tracks and you know, Hero stuff.

If you need more information, please talk to my secretary and sister, Miss Laura-Belle. Thank you.

Lauren E

My human never gives me enough treats. She should shower me in treats ALL the time. However, she says my buddha belly will grow... Whatever THAT means!
They only ever give me one treat at a time, once a day.

As Lily's human I would say I only ever give her a treat when she refuses to get on the table to steal our food. So this is like never. Usually, once a night she'll comply, and she receives a treat.

Of course, she'll try to be all lovey and snuggly trying to get the treats. She'll give me those (Shrek) puss-in-boots eyes. I know the deal.

When we do give her a treat, we give her one. Her breed is known for having big bellies, and she eats a LOT of food as it is. So we try to keep her from getting obese.

Rascal and Rocco

1. We rarely get treats because our human can't remember where her own butt is.

2. You'd think we would get more since we are constantly performing, helping clear the counter or table, licking the extra salt off of crackers that are left out, waking up the humans on time, the list is endless.

3. When she does think of it, we get a measly little bite size portion, just enough to make us want more!

Hope we get the treats and we can get our paws on them all before the human puts them up!

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