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June 26, 2013


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Wow, what an adventure! Look at all the places you got to go, Miss Elvira. Great job on the diet, and enjoy those well-deserved Greenies!


What an awesome trip! Well, except for the vet part. You weigh almost exactly the same as Binga! I think she is 9 lbs-something oz.

Miss Elvira

Glad ya liked the story!

The vet part was actually good news as 9 lbs is much better than the 11 I used to weigh some months back!

Loupi and Zorro

Amazing ! We had never seen a troller : it's great to go safe on trip (except the V-E-T part...) ! And congrats for your diet results. Purrs

Ollie McKay's

LOL! This was a great post!! Love the photos and the comments - too funny!! Nice Troller and kitty too! :-)

Carma Poodale

I can just imagine all the trips you will get to take around your neighborhood, possibly being in a parade, all the good fresh air you will get. Enjoy your Purrambulator! I look forward to more adventures

Katya Graymalkin

I love the pet stroller! It almost makes me want to move to the city, so I can get one. ha! I probably wouldn't like it, though: I would see other animals and people and would tell them how much I hate them. I hate just about everybody, outside of my own people. In person, I mean; I love visiting other animals online. Mom doesn't like it when I swear in public, so no stroller for me!

Miss Elvira

Well, hmph! How to explain this in a delicate and lady-like fashion?

Carma, I don't think you wanna imagine the trip I had to take today in our FUV (Feline Utility Vehicle), hee, hee!

I awoke, this morning, not much in the mood to eat (made a mess around my bowl, which I never, ever do!), preferring to um, toss my kibble from last night....

Daddy took me to the vet this afternoon and after the doc, um, investigated, I was found to be constipated!

How, embarrassing! I now have to take a liquid, once or twice a day, to, um, unclog the drain...

Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

WOW!!! That was one great adventure Elvira and we are so glad things went smoothly for you!!
Howdy from your TX furiends,

PS: Give Nikita a hello from us, too!

Miss Elvira

Thank you & I will, Sam, Clem & Mav!

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