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January 06, 2013


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Lee County Clowder

Kiril, you haven't REALLY seen it rain in Houston until you deal with one of those inch an hour goes all day toad stranglers. They usually get two or three of them a year, and the whole day is pretty much flooded out city-wide. You probably noticed Houston is pretty much flat, so the water just sits there.

Kiril Kundurazieff

LCC, so I've noticed. :-D

There are so many puddles on the sidewalks, that last for days, that I spend as much time walking anywhere but the sidewalk, as on it, to keep from falling in. :-D

The weather guys here claim we may be in for 3 inches of rain on Tuesday, and more on Wednesday, due to some freakish Thunderstorms. :-D

Scylla, Socks & Fenris

So glad Daddy Kiril got to go Elvira. That was pawsome. We has our paws crossed about the job, and are sending healing purrs for the eyes.

Grace & Company

How marvelous that you got to go to this ... and to meet Laurence! Excellent, excellent, excellent!!

Laurence was primarily responsible for Grace & Company and their secretary finding each other!
In 2006, he sent a blog post to the secretary's daughter, who then sent it to her ... and the rest is history!
We loved reading Laurence's blog posts about his cats ... and we still love to go back an find photos, etc.

(We've taken over that blog and have had its design redone a few times!!)

Yep ... rain forecasts are ominous for tomorrow and Wed ... we'll see if it all comes about!

Grace & Company
(and their secretary!)

The Meezers

wooo hoooo!!

Wow, we remember reading Mr Laurence's blog for a very long time!

Amanda Socci

Very interesting, Elvira. Love the photography here, but I'm afraid I have more questions than answers! I have no idea who Laurence simon is or why he is important or why he was at Houston at all, but I'm hoping Daddy Kiril will be able to fill us in later on.

Kiril Kundurazieff

Amanda, Laurence lives in Houston, as Elvira wrote.

Under our picture Elvira gave the "Short version" of who he is and why he matters to animal bloggers, feline writers most especially, with links to an "about page" related to the Carnival of the Cats.

It is kind of difficult to explain more about him and his writing, beyond the linked podcast website, and any info he provides about himself in a backround page there, these days, since he removed the 2 blogs tied to his long history as a cat blogger, and commentor on society in general, and encourager of creative writing.

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