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October 06, 2012


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Andrea and the Celestial Kitties

We'll be purring for Nikita! Poor baby, medicines stink!


Good to see the cats back online from their new home in Houston!

Sorry to hear about Nikita's health issues, but it sounds like it is quite treatable - hopefully he will be back to his full healthy self again soon.


I'm sending you some purrs, Nikita, so you can get back to your fighting weight and over the UTI! It sounds like you kitties have a great vet!


Great Update! So good to hears yous is both A-OK.

Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

Oh Nikita, Elvira & Daddy Kiril!! We are glad to hear from you all!! And that you you went to the Vet and got checked up!! We will purr and pray for Nikita to gain back his weight! We can hardly wait to see some new pictures from you all!!
(((((HUGSSS))))) from your Austin furiends,

Marilynn, Grace & Company

So ... how's Nikita doing by now? Gaining weight and getting back to his normal healthy self, I hope!!

We love reading about your adventures. Keep on posting!

Marilynn, Grace & Company

Lee County Clowder

Hang in there, Nikita.


Poor Nikita, we are sorry you are going through it and hope that dropping the prednisilone helps you build back those muscles. The stress of moving can't have helped you, but you have your new home now to relax in.

We are sending you lots of muscle building purrs to help you

Gerry & Mungo

PS: You are very brave having that cystocentesis without sedation, that musta hurt!


Forgot to mention this!

To save you having to have another needle shoved into you, there's a way of collecting urine samples using a special litter called Katkor. It's made of tiny plastic granules that don't absorb the pee. It comes with a little pipette and the vet can give you a container for the pee. We've used this or rather the Ape has to get hold of our pee. We get shut in one room with a tray and this Katkor in it and it's ok, we pee.

In the UK vets sell Katkor but you might be able to find it online if your vet doesn't. It's reusable too, you can wash it!

Gerry & Mungo

Lee County Clowder

Hang in there, Nikita.

Fur Everywhere

Aww, poor kitty. UTIs are painful. :( We hope he starts to eat more soon. Purrs and prayers coming your way!

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