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August 31, 2012


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Paws up! I am looking forward to a virtual housewarming!


The plans sound great.

There is a brand new PetSmart a few blocks west of your new place, that's the one KC and I use.

And there is another right across the street from Dr. Smith.

That's the great thing about Westchase... everything you need is right there!

Kitties here all have their paws crossed for a good outcome from the next blood test!


Cherry City Kitties

We hope all continues to go smoothly in the move, glad they found what was up with Daddy Kiril...that was a frightening thing.

The Momma laughed really hard about what the men ask your daddy... she said she would 'splain it to us when we were older....

Harry, Dexter and Tipp

Zoolatry ~ Ann, Maggy and Zoey

Kiril ~ Elvira & Nikita: Happy Travels, Safe Journey ...

Hoping all goes smoothly and well for all of you! We know you'll give the Lone Star a run for its money ...

Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Have a safe move and we will be thinking about you as you get settled in your new home.

The Florida Furkids

We hope your Daddy's meds get on track.

That stuff happens to our Daddy all the time.

He has to be so careful....even milk has an effect on his meds (calcium prevents absorption).

You're going to have such an exciting adventure!!!

The Florida Furkids

Laila and Minchie

Glad to hear things are moving forward for the big move. How exciting!


Sounds like Daddy Kiril has it all planned out. Hope it all goes smoothly!


Glad that things are going OK on the health front, and it sounds like the move is going according plan.

It's always exciting to move to a new place, though a bit terrifying at the same time.

We had a rough time in the couple months leading up to our move to San Francisco, but it was worth it in the end.

And of course, congratulations on the 700th post!

Wishing you best of luck!


When are you without your computer?

Ah! Withdrawal!

Seriously, hope the move goes uneventful and you enjoy your new digs in Texas.

From the link you sent me, looks to be a nice setup. I wouldn't mind living in a place like that.

ozark Mountain Cats

We are going to digress a bit back to the post about the carriers that you will be traveling in.

Our biped has been bugging us to leave you a message that you should make sure that the doors cannot be opened by anyone while you travel.

To do that she said to purchase that package tape that has fibers in it so it's extra strong. Make sure you go round and round the carrier so it can't pop open.

Yes we know it looks tacky but tacky is better than being lost in some ceiling in an airport. Also make sure to tape the door shut on the carrier.

Even though the carriers are rated safe for airplanes doesn't mean some snoopy human might want to touch your furs or that some suitcase won't come sliding by and bang the door causing the latch to break.

Our biped knows this tape thing cuz when she went to pick up our carrier with Heesh in it, the bottom half stayed on the floor and the top half was in her hand, course none of you are built like our Heesh but its better to be safe.

Have a safe trip!

Marilynn, Grace & Company

I'm so glad to read your updates ... and that everything is a "go" for your move this month!

And I agree with Ozark Mountain Cats ... make sure those carrier doors stay SHUT until Daddy Kiril is ready to open them!

Only he should be the carrier-opener, IMO!

Excellent, excellent! Keep us all apprised...


Love, Grace & Company

Penelope & Kozmo

We hopes things goes well for yous. Wes has been following very carefully, but not posting much as wes been very busy. Me actually LIKES moving. And me is very good at travelling!

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