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April 10, 2012


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Wonderful Post!

Me is with yous on this one!

Believe it our not, me was destined to die at the shelter, because me was UNADOPTABLE, because me bited and scratched, anybody who came close!

My Daddy had to sign a waiver because me was so bad!

Look at me now!

Me believes in NO KILL, And me and my peoples has supported it ever since.

ROCK on!


While "no kill" is admirable, you have to realize at this point there are so many homeless animals that 10,000 are killed every day.

If we all of a sudden decided to go "no kill" then where would they all live?

How would we feed them all?

Not to mention the second and future generations that are created due to their not being killed. Warehousing is not the answer.

The better investment is in low cost neutering. More help for rescues doing TNR, and help people who want pets but can't really afford them to get basic care.

Stop the problem before it starts.

Keeping new generations from showing up in shelters will keep shelters from having to kill healthy and adoptable animals simply because there is no room at the inn.

Nikita cat

Connie, Daddy, and I used to believe the notion of "Overpopulation" unquestioningly, but the more we read the more we are learning, and opening our eyes.

As for TNR, we are learning more about that, too, and want to cover that issue more, as well.

Winograd, in his book, Redemption, spends considerable time on it as well.

As he writes, For Feral Cats, Trap/Neuter/Return is "the sole alternative to the mass-killing perpetrated in U.S. Animal Shelters."

There is a near 100% death rate, among Ferals, in shelters with no TNR program.

The Humane Society of the United States even considers TNR "Inhumane", calling it tantamount to "Abandonment", according to a letter Winograd discusses in his book.

They are not alone in villainizing Ferals.

Part of the reason for our Street Seens: Cats Outdoors, Thru the Daddy Cam has been to document moments in the lives of Ferals encountered by Daddy in his daily travels.

By doing so we hope to bring more attention to their plight.


Excellent report Nikita. HSUS are one big scam, like PETA, they don't have much care for the animals they rake in millions of dollars to protect. Both organisations kill animals.

We think the best bet for we cats in all countries is education for the apes! Animal welfare should be taught in schools from day one until the last day of school with a huge emphasis on the importance of spay/neuter. Large scale spay/neuter campaigns, low cost of course, should be rolled out everywhere. TNR should be subsidised and local communities ought to take pride in caring for ferals.

We have similar problems in the UK. The very large charities have some hard core dubious policies regarding ferals and strays. Thousands of healthy cats are killed every year over here. It makes us weep, but it's what happens when the big charities set up to care for and defend animals use the animals as a means to make a living.

One RSPCA "shelter" we know of kills any cat for just one sneeze or bout of diarrhea. Elderly cats rarely stand a chance, any cat which could thrive with a bit of care is routinely killed.

The RSPCA pleads for money non stop but sits on a fortune estimated to be £130 million! That doesn't include the property they own either. They also have ridiculous and very restrictive homing policies which make it very hard for anyone to adopt from them.

We know Mr Winograd has some rather dodgy ideas about declawing and defanging cats, but we are definately supportive of the no kill movement.

Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

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