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December 07, 2011


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Unless it's a no-kill shelter, to have the kitty taken there would mean certain death for him!

I hope someone manages to take him in because that is his best hope.

Nikita Cat

We know, but it was the first thing Daddy thought, on the spur of the moment, since that would be the most likely thing most people think about.

There are many Cat Rescues in the county, but the times Daddy has tried to reach out to them, by sending fliers, or passing out cards, about our blog, and the fact we list them in our sidebar, has always led to no response from the rescues.

You would think these groups would welcome the support, and possibility of a little publicity, no matter how limited, but I guess not.


Poor cat, he must be more feral than not.

I was worried about the shelter around the corner, too. It usually means certain death.

And as for the Cat Rescues accepting help in whatever form, I have had the same experience.

I am on a mailing list for Cat Rescues.

They generate a ton of emails and some of them are really heart-breaking.

I have tried and tried to offer them help, usually as a donation, occasionally with transportation. They never followed up. Not one time.

I finally gave up.

It's more fun to help folks in the CB anyway.

Karen Jo

I hope that kitty finds a home soon.

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