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July 13, 2011


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I am praying for you!

I am glad your blood work came back good.

Our cat Chanel takes prednisone for allergies, and it's helped her a lot.

Keep us posted, and take care.

PDX pride

I'm glad that results don't show anything really abnormal immediately.

I would suggest NOT buying a pet food that's sold in the supermarket.

They tend to be the lowest quality there is.

I've worked in the pet food business for two different brands over the years, and this is widely known that supermarket foods are junk.

Look for a food that has at least two good protein sources in the first five ingredients and no corn, wheat, or soy.

Yes, these will be more expensive, but they will save you money in the long run by not creating more health problems.

Corn, wheat, and soy are known skin allergens.
I would recommend Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux, or Felidae.

All three have the requirements I listed above, and all three come in a "senior" or "mature" variety.


I am continuing to purr for you, Nikita - I hope the medicine does the trick for you!


I'm continuing to pray for you sweet kitty.

I'm glad your bloodwork came back good.

I hope the steroids help you sweet kitty <3 <3

Karen Jo

I am glad that your blood work all came back normal.

I don't have any suggestions, except to keep eating up all that good wet food.


Taz, Runt & Charles' Mommy mentioned yesterday about diabetes.

In cats, stress can cause diabetes and it can resolve (with medication & a low carb diet)

We wondered if Nikita had a blood sugar test (glucose is sometimes a bit high from full blood panel due to the stress of the blood draw.

There's a prick test the vet can do, which is cheap and instant.

We wondered if you knew about that?

We are sending lots of purrs and love for Nikita

Gerry and Oliver

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Glad your blood work was good. Option #2 sounds like a sensible plan.

We don't know how you feel about Friskies which is made by Purina but they have a Senior With Lamb & Rice in Gravy that Socks loves.

Mommy can get 20 5.5 oz cans for $10 @ Winn-Dixie

Junior & Orion

We are adding our purrs for your mystery illness to be cured!


We all send you lots of purrs, and I know your Daddy will figure out what is best, he's a smart one!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

We hope this works!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Fuzzy Tales

Continued purrs and purrayers from us!

We're glad the blood work came back fine, though, but a mystery "illness" often can be more stressful than an actual diagnosis.

Good luck!

caren gittleman

we are purring and praying for you too.

At least with the bloodwork coming back good that is hope! xoxo


We will purr for you my dear friend for the medicine to work and for you to gain weight and be in good health.


So glad your blood results came back "good," Nikita.

We are purring and praying for you, and hope those meds work well.

Lee County Clowder

Purrrrring for you, Nikita.

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