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July 11, 2011


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Fuzzy Tales

Happy Gotcha Day, Elvira!

It was a lucky day for you and your "fellers" when you showed up on their doorstep. :-)

We wish many wonderful years in your forever home!

P.S. That pic of you with your human dad is just wonderful.

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Elvira, you are indeed a saucepot, and a diva, and well you live up to your namesake, and we thinks you has charmed your fellas, and the whole blogging community very nicely.

We have so enjoyed getting to know you, and we thinks your female viewpoint adds a certain zest to the blog.

Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!!


Elvira, your Gotcha Day Story is so wonderful.

An I was lucky enuff to be a part of it, too.

I will never furrget that email from Daddy Kiril that started out, "Oh brother, Nikita is as curious as all hell."...

Hee hee, definitely not yours regular email. I's knowed sumfing was up.

And that was Little Miss Tortie (her temporary name) being "hidden" in tha bathroom.

Today's photos of Daddy Kiril, & Elvira, and the one of Elvira wrestling wif hers nip nanna are just purrfect.

We love you so much, Elvira, and we's so happy you picked Daddy Kiril, and Nikita, out to be yours fambly.

Love & Purrs,

Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang
Mom ML

The Meezers

We're so happy you picked DaddyKiril!!

You're a very lucky girl!

Derby and Ducky

Happy Gotcha Day Elvira.


Happy Gotcha Day sweet Elvira and thanks for all the good things you do!


Happy Gotcha Day, Elvira!


Hey, is Daddy Kiril growing a beard?

Just wonderin' ....

Samantha,  Clementine & Maverick

Happy Gotcha Day Elvira and many, many, many moooore!!!!

We are so glad you were goted by Daddy Kiril and Nikita!!!

((((((((BIG HUGGGGSSSS YO YOU)))))))) from your TX furiends,

Rose and the Royals

Elvira, you are most beloved by The Royals, having even surpassed Lady Gaga in Their affections!

As KC and Mom ML said, a wise choice it was, Mistress, to have selected Nikita and Daddy Kiril as your servants, uh, fambly, yeah, that's it...(*wink-wink*)

Ever your Humble - Servants - as well!

Rose and the Awestruck Royals


Happy Gotcha Day, Elvira!

We sure are glad you found such a loving and wonderful home. :)


Happy Gotcha Day Elvira!

We hope you had a lovely day!

We're so happy that you landed so firmly on all four paws when you found your Daddy & Nikita.

We're excited to see what the next year brings for you!

Oliver & Gerry

The Crew

Gappy Dotcha Hay, Elvira, and many many more.

We're so glad you found your forever home and that you don't have fleas anymore!

Angel Sweet Praline

Happy Gotcha Day! I remember when you came into your Daddy and Nikita's home. I've started the new blog for the future kittens.

Drop by http://sweetpurrfections.blogspot.com

Mom Paula

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