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July 02, 2011


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O, we's tha furrst ones here, aren't we?

Good, I bringed lots of goodies... warm mouse cakes and lots of liz-quila!

We Sherwood Kitties will be tha furrst in line to get a dance wif Daddy Kiril, after Elvira and Nikita, of course.

We's gonna focus ours purrs for Daddy Kiril to find a good job now that him's ankle is healing up.

I's gonna set mine goodies out on this big table and we'll sit and wait fur more guests to arrive.

Nikita Cat

Thank you gang!

Elvira just finished the first dance with Daddy, and now KC is having her turn.

My, oh my, oh my, what IS it about Torties, and their Butt Shaking/Tail Wagging Technique?

Ladies, I swear! ;-D


I never expected to see your daddy dancing on ANY foot!

The pic is a hoot.

Pass the 'nip. Meowza will be right over. He loves a good pawty.


Thanks for the update, Nikita!

That's too bad that your human can't make it to BlogPaws this year, but it's obvious there is too much else that is going on for him to take off across country right now.

Purrs to him - I am sure that given a week or two, he will be outrunning both tortoises and snails!

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

We are so sorry Daddy Kiril won't be going to BlogPaws.

This is a terrific party we brought some noms to share and have our party hats on.

Nikita Cat

Meowza, & I, in the corner sipping a Nip Tea, watched a while as the line to "Dance" with Daddy grew. :-D

After a while I ordered Daddy to bed so he could rest.

Boy that Sparkle sure can cut a rug! ;-D

Nikita Cat

Daddy is awake, and showered ( Elvira guarded the bathroom door because everyone suddenly developed an interest in looking at Daddy's ankle in, um, all it's glory... :-D )

Now he's ready for his Breakfast of cereal, fruit, and milk, and...sorry, you can only LOOK, not TOUCH!

If all I am allowed to do is watch then you can't touch either!

The table is small so we can't all fit on it at once, so be nice, and let others have a turn.

I know how utterly fascinating watching our Humans eat can be for some Kitties, hee, hee!

These same rules apply at Lunch, and Dinner. ;-D


Oh, sorry your dad won't get to attend BlogPaws, but he's right to put Unemployment ahead of fun.

We're very happy he's out of the cast, though.

Nikita Cat

The party has taken a turn to the relaxing side, since Noon, due to the heat.

Daddy Kiril stretched out on the bed, and Elvira, & I curled up next to him...and this was a signal for all the other Kitties to pile on around us including on the floor, around, and under, the bed.

It's been one big, happy, Nap & Snooze Fest ever since. :-D

Even the Voles got together in a corner to nap, and Voles are not usually known for Napping, and Snoozing...unlike us Felines. :-D

Nikita Cat

The Party's over...Hee, hee!

After a good long nap it was time to send everyone home, with our thanks for coming by, and acting silly with us. :-D

Samantha,  Clementine & Maverick

Oh man!! We are so sorry we missed the party!!

We are so glad Daddy Kiril got the cast off and sad that he cannot make BlogPaws!!

We will purrr for good things to come to Daddy Kiril!!

((((((((HUGGGGGGSSSSSS))))))) from your TX furiends,


Our congrats to Daddy Kiril for getting his cast off and continued purrs for his complete healing and recovery and good fortune for the finances.

I'll do a little dance for him to try to cheer him up about not being able to attend the BlogPaws (Do you think the moonwalk is ok for this?) .

Also, thanks so much for your purrs for me, we very much appreciate them!

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