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July 17, 2011


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Hmm, no, um, clause in the US Constitution
on this subject.



Ah ha! So that was Elvira's big surprise.

I have never had a declawed cat myself as my furniture can attest. I should take pictures.:D

Only time claws are a problem is when I am trying to get a cat in the carrier to take him to the vet.

They don't particularly like that.:D

Painful too. Big, fluffy towels come in handy there.

Except for shredding the furniture and maybe dismembering a bird or too, they don't use them much.

OK, there is the occasional cat fight and Ritzi likes to knead blankets.

I don't see the need to mutilate a cat just to save the furniture IMHO.


If cats had written the constitution, there sure as heck would be!!!! ~KC

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Mommy has never had a declawed cat, all of us has our claws and the majority of us are very good and do not trash the furniture or carpet.

Scylla claws the carpet up when she encounters a closed door, which is very naughty of her.

Mommy wouldn't adopt a declawed cat because the cat would be unable to defend itself.

Our humans do not do anything to our claws although when Whiskers was alive they had to trim one of his back toes, on each of his hind paws. He had extra claws and one of them would grow into his paw pad if they didn't keep it trimmed.

The Crew

None of us are declawed 'cause Mom doesn't believe in it.


Our humans don't believe in declawing either.

Unfortunately Sisters Sascha and Dolly were declawed before they came to live with us.

Happy 500th!!!


None of us are declawed either.

Our humans think it is animal abuse and done purely for the convenience of the humans.

There a very few medical reasons for declawing, such as claws growing into the footpad, bone infections, mangled toes, but that's about the only reasons our humans would ever consider the surgery, and only as a last resort.


Thank you Elvira for a great post about declawing.

The sooner this barbaric mutilation is banned the better.

Claws are part of the whole cat who needs claws to be healthy.

Claws are essential to pretty much everything a cat does.

Israel banned declawing recently, so now it's 39 countries who are a better place for cats.

Props to all who have adopted declawed cats.

80% of declawed cats dumped in USA shelters are killed, deemed unadoptable because of the behavioural problems caused by declawing.

Declawed cats need homes too!

Gerry & Oliver

PS: Many vets who declaw ban their staff from telling clients the truth about declawing. Our Mum knows several techs who work for vets who follow this policy of keeping clients ignorant whilst keeping their cash tills full of blood money.

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