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June 04, 2011


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Paws up for healing purrs! They are working!

D'Artagnan Rumblepurr

Oh no!!

I hope you're giving your daddy lots of cuddles!!

I send him some healing purrrrrs.


Purr Power is furry powerful...

You get a whole CB's worth of purrs directed at you and this is what happens.

I's even betting Marg's donkeys crossed them's paws fur you!

We's glad to hear efurrything is healing like it should!

And thanks to yours furry assistants for helping you get well faster.

Love & Purrs,

KC & The Sherwood Kitties


Silly me, donkey's don't haf paws!!!!

What was I finking????

Um, maybe that's hooves!

Or hoofs???

So Marg's donkeys crossed them's hoofs fur you.


Karen Jo

Great news.

The purring and praying goes forward until Daddy Kiril is all well.


Excellent news!

YEAH! We hope that things continue to go well.

Kimo & Sabi

Purrrr to yer dadda!

The Meezers

We is so happy DaddyKiril is feeling better - We is sorry that we haf not lefted a comment sooner, but our the mom has been useless since Grammie has been in the hospital.




I, Elvira, & Daddy Kiril, hope that this recognition, and thanks, for being the 1600th Comment left on this blog since it opened in Jan. 2010, makes your Grammie feel better, and your Mom feel better, and able to be more useful to you. ;-D


The Meezers

OH BOY!! Your 1600th comment?

That's PAWSOME!!!!!!

Angel Sweet Praline

Sorry I haven't been over to visit lately. I've read about your accident and meant to get over to send get well wishes, but I've not visited anyone much.

Thank you for your comment on Praline's blog today. You are exactly correct - it's an ending as well as a renewal and part of the healing process.

Mom Paula


That is quite the tongue Mistress Elvira!

You two seem to be doing a great job taking care of Daddy Kiril!

I am so grateful that you both still has purrs fur our TK.

Thank you fur being such a healing Girl & Guy!

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