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March 03, 2011


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To you both!!


Nikita certainly stood his ground.

Looks like they had a fun play.

Love & Purrs,
KC & Mom ML


Happy birthday to two wonderful men - one mancat and one cat man!

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Happiest of Birthday's to you both.

We did the same thing here!

Nobody played with the blue cube, then Artemisia came to live with us, and she liked the blue cube, the rest of us ignored it, and then we got a red cube, and we all love it.

Mommy still finds our behavior puzzling.

Fuzzy Tales

Happy birthday, Nikita!

We hope you have a fabulous celebration, with extra treats! :-)

-Nicki and Derry

Hannah and Lucy

Happy Birthday to you both and many kisses for Nikita from his furrends Hannah and Lucy


We hope you both have a great day playing in the cubes, or having an adventure.


Happy Birthday, Nikita and Dad Kiril!

We hope you have a lot of fun celebrating together.

We don't have big parties either.

At least your dad remembers yours.

Jan inevitably forgets. :)

The Crew

I'm 13 and I'm still feisty, too!

Happy,happy purrthday, Nikita (and to your human, too)


Karen Jo

Happy Birthday, Kiril and Nikita.

I love the way Nikita held his ground until he decided that the game was over.

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Happy Birthday boys - have fun today! Love the cubes - glad you found some! Thanks for coming by our commentathon!


Well happy birthday! And how cool that you share one!

PDX pride

Happy birthday to Daddy Kiril and happy purrday to Nikita!

Glad you like the cuppycakes & tuna pops! :) >^..^<

Tabby: C'mon, kittens, everyone pile in the wagon for a ride! *pulls the wagon around the room with Freya, Heimdall, and Elvira riding in it.

Others hop in as it goes around*


Happy Birthday you two! And many more to come.

Zippy, Sadie & Speedy

Happy Purrthday, er, Birthday to two fine men.

Is dis a party or what.

Yoo know what dey say...when da dad's away da kitties will play!


OK, we's got Smokey walking on the doortops...

BJ is helping to pull some of tha smaller kittens around tha room in tha wagon...

Sol and Elvira are dancing on top of the table and tha voles are up there wif 'em...

Nikita is talking to Faith Boo about sumfin...

and Missy Blue Eyes is quietly shredding roll after roll after roll of paper towels all over the floor...

I'd better liven fings up....

Anyone want a Nip Tini.....??????


I's asked my furriends at The Happy Cat Fambly to come over and join us... should be heres any time now.

Happy Cat Family

Happy purrfday Nikita and Dad Kiril!!!

How exciting!!!

Knock Knock, who is there?

Happy Cat Family here for a sleep over if that's alright with you all!

Well, well, but only if there's still some tuna pop left.... or is that history?

We got the b-e-s-t nip to trade!

Down for it?

Happy Cat Family

Seems we got a purrblem here - Bugsy is just too big for the cubes, and he likes laying right in the entrance!

Must teleport one more cube for Bugsy- 1, 2, 3... poof!

Done! Bugsy now has his own cube for his gigantic self and we can all play a decent turn of catch again! (Step away from the tuna Bugsy!)


Happy Birthday. It definitely looks like a good time was had by all. Wish all 7-8 of us could have been there too!!!

George Clooney

Hey Happy Birthday to you both! And many more!

I'z got my jazz paws going for Nikita and Daddy Kiril...


Happy Birthday to the both of you.

Sounds like a fun time was had by all.

Got some great shots of the cats, love the roar, stretch, and whack a paw ones.

Oh, and Meowza, goes for the nip tinis, might as well enjoy the party too.

What's one more cat?


Nikita- your age is testament to your Human Companion, and his care of you.

You look like you are celebrating in fine style and remind me of a cat here that mom calls my sweet boy Kabota who they also call "Tractor Butt."

Just don't get a Tractor Butt okay?

That makes you a pushover at the dinner plate.


Ok, it's decided, we's sleeping over, too.

There's plenty of room, 6 more cats won't make a bit of difference.

And tha 27 voles, they curl up little to sleep. No worries.

Let's all put ours sleepy bags out, leave room fur Lucky and Bugsy... um, lots of room for Bugsy.

Oh, Cloon, those jazz paws are awesome!

It's too early to sleep, there's time for one more romp... voles, the game is afoot!

Save Moki

KC just told us that it was your Birthday.

Happy Birthday Nikita and Dad Kiril!!!

We hope you have a pawsome one!

Samantha,  Clementine & Maverick

Oh geez!! We are soooo here to share in your Birthday Party Nikita!!!

Looks like loads of fun!!

Your TX furiends,


Oh, Samantha & Clementine, hi there!

Did you purrchance bring the Middle Texas Voles wif you?

I bringed the 27 from Houston, but they's getting tired out.

Hi there, Maverick, looks like we haf another woofie here now!

Never knew those Cubes could hold so many!

Happy Cat Family

That's right KC, lot's of room for Bugsy!

For me, Lucky, sister Hope and Gracie, just a bit is ok...

Bugsy needs to - Step AWAY from the TUUUUNNNAAA!

So, Kitties have nip-tiny, hoomans can have some margaritas, what about woofies?

What are they hafing tonight?

Nikita Cat

The Dogs?

Oh, you know Dogs, they ain't choosy!

If nothing else toss them a bone with lots of juicy meat on it, and they'll be happy!

Someone check the Fridge, I can't get over to that side of the room at the moment, hee, hee! ;-D

Wonder if we'll hit 1400 Comments by morning?

We are getting close. ;-D

Pixel and Samba

Happy Birthday. Looks like a great party. Sorry we are late!


Pixel... Pixel... is that you....?

Happy Cat Family

Hey, Nikita, since you finally made it to the fridge,can you bring out some nip-tini and Tuna Cocktail please?

Nikita Cat

Here ya go!

Tuna Cocktails, & Kitty Kola Nip Tea Energy Drinks, for everyone!

I'm gonna join Elvira in a nap...my joints tell me I need to act my age...at least for a few hours. ;-D

Besides...I have to host Carnival of the Cats tomorrow! There's a link in the sidebar to the submission info, if you want to join in. ;-D

Carry on!


And I'll haf some more Wassail, fanks, Nikita, goes yummy wif them fresh mousey cakes.

Smokey, I'm so sorry Pixel didn't see you... hers might be over in the cubes.

There's a lot of kitties in there, she might find hers way out any minute, ok!

Anyway, I posted on tha CB that Nikita's almost up to 1400 comments and iffen some lucky purrson is tha 1400th comment to his blog & it appears on THIS post (There have been over 30 left to this post alone!), then them's gonna win a great prize, in honor of the Birthdays.

We's gotta fink of a great prize, too, hopefully we'll haf a winner.

PDX pride

*Freya & Heimdall go zoooooooooming around the room with Starla close behind, then turn and chase her again*

Rori: Wow, this is a great pawty, Nikita! *sips a meowtini*

*Tabby nods, agreeing with Rori, sipping a tuna cocktail* *goes over to catch up with KC*

*Starla hi-paws KC on her way past* Thanks for the gotcha day wishes the other day!

zooooooooooom into every room and back again, through the cubes, gently jumps over the sleeping Nikita without waking him, with the kittens close behind

*Carbon watches from a bookcase, tail twitching*

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Helps, I am getting squished. ~Artemisia

This party rocks. ~Socks

Can't talk now gotta catch that vole. ~Scylla


I's gotted an idea!

Let's stack all tha towers on top of each other! Let's see how high they go.

Then we's can climb up and walk on tha ceiling!!!!

Come on, let's do it!!!

Happy Cat Family

I smell Tuna? Tuna? Brunch? What's for Brunch? I heard Brunch? Tuna? Brunch?

Oh, Happy purrfday again Nikita....


Bugsy, Come on... No wonder you are so fat!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Happy Birthday!

This is a super pawsome party!

We hope there's room for 3 more kitties and 2 woofies!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Happy Cat Family

Hey KC, how is the view from up there?

Mai goodness! How many kitties are in there KC?

Be careful! Don't let that huge tower collapse (I will keep Bugsy down here for effuryone's safety!) !

The Misadventures of Me

Happy Purrthday Nikita!

What a pawsome party yoo has!!

( EDITOR'S NOTE: Congrats & Thank You, for being the 1400th Comment left on this blog since it began on New Year's Day 2010 ! )


Wow, this haf been tha funnest party!

Tha Voles is plum worn out.

An all tha food is gone.

Tha Wassail is gone.

Dad Kiril's icebox is empty.

Tha cupboards is empty.

Look at all tha sleepy bags wif sleeping dogs and cats and, oh, there's a lizzie...

:: waves paw ::

Hi lizzie, missed you earlier.

But what a great party it was.

Happy 13th Birthday, Nikita!

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