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February 15, 2011


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Karen Jo

Happy First Birthday, Elvira!

I am so happy that Daddy Kiril found you and brought you home.

Have a great day!

I will be along, with some treats, later in the morning.


Hannah and Lucy

Happy Birthday Elvira - we have enjoyed watching your imput into a strictly male household - you have stirred things up wonderfully.

We hope you have a wonderful day filled with treats, frolics and of course lots of fun.

Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


Nikita, here, at 6am!

Elvira is sleeping the Snooze of the Just (Devine), so it falls to me to happily congratulate you Ladies for posting the 1300th Comment on this blog!!!

Thank you, my friends, for the well wishes, and the compliment, I know our tough little Tortie will be happy to read both when she wakes up! ;-D



Happy "First" Purrthday to one who is

E Energetic
L Lovable
V Vivacious
I Intelligent
R Rambunctious
A Adorably Awesome

And all that spells y.o.u. ~ ELVIRA!

Happy, Happy, Day to you, and we hope you, and your Daddy, and your BroFur have a great day!

Your furriends, Maggy and Zoey (and Ann)


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!!


Fuzzy Tales

Happy birthday, Elvira!

We, too, are glad that you were found!

You have a wonderful forever home, and we hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Daisy the Curly Cat

Happy, happy birthday to you!

I hope you have a super-duper day!


Happy, Happy Birthday Elvira!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)

The Meezers

Happy Purrfday to you Elvira!!

Laila and Minchie

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Happy Birthday Elvira!!!!!

Have fun today.


Happy birthday sweet Elvira!

I´m delighted to tell you that yesterday I published a Sleekats post on my blog. :)

I hope you will visit it and please, tell me what you think.




Happy FIRST birthday, Elvira!

You certainly did wind up in a great home!!!

CCL Wendy

Happy FURst Birthday, Elvira!

And here's to many, many more healthy, and happy, years with your loving family.


Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!

You got a great home, and snagged two guys' hearts, in the process.

And now you are on the Blog Title! Wow.

Good job, Elvira.

And what will this year bring????

Love & Purrs,

Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boomerang
Brutus Junior
Mom ML

Dora the Explorer

Happy happy purrthday Elvira, my fellow Tortie!

Dora the Explorer


Happy Birthday, Elvira!


Hope you had a very happy birthday and got all the treats and loving you deserve.

You are adorable, however I am partial to belly shots, more please. ;-D

Elvira Mistress of Pussydom

Oh, my stars, and garters! (Daddy says cats don't wear garters, but I'm too happy to care!)

Thank you, everyone for the kind words, and Birthday wishes, it means a lot to me! ;-D

Daddy brought out a Catnip ball KC had sent me, back in August, but Nikita, and I had forgot about because he didn't open it!

Well, he opened it, this afternoon, and, um, took pictures. ;-D

I'll post them in a day or 2. ;-D

Daddy made another copy of the Belly Shot, above, for my ongoing Portrait Collection where each has my name in fancy letters.

Thank you Maggy, Zoey, & Ann, of Zoolatry, for the nice words using the letters of my name to compliment me!


Mog, I have to agree, that tortie has a gorgeous belly, more please.

And I am glad you found the catnip ball, she should have fun with it.

KC and I are waiting on one item to ship her birthday prezzies.

Of course there is something in there for Nikita!

Love & Purrs,
Mom ML & Kitties

Nikita Cat

Thank you, everyone, for making Elvira feel so special on this important day! ;-D

She is napping, at the moment, but will be excited to know you are sending something for her birthday, KC, and I thank you, in advance for my own early gift (My 13th Birthday is the same day as Daddy's, March 5th, hee, hee! Like with Elvira, all we knew about me was that I was born in a particular month.).

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Hope you had a wonderful time.

We brought some catfood, treats, and stuff to share, and thought we would visit for awhile.

Daddy Kiril

Thank you Artemisia, Ferris, Socks, & Scylla, for the wishes, and hanging out with Elvira, & Nikita, this morning.

Sorry, everyone, but all the "Stuff" has been shared, hee, hee!

Because of it I got an extra hour of sleep instead of my usual Nikita Morning breakfast Wake-up. ;-D

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by, yesterday, and for all the kind words, and birthday wishes for Elvira. ;-D

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