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December 17, 2010


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Is that the belly "before" Christmas and then you will show us the same picture "after" Christmas ?

Nikita Cat


It's from a few days ago but, alas, I will not end up rivaling Santa Claus in Girth, as Daddy won't be feeding us extra for Chrissymouse Day.

The only extra I'm getting, these days, is a tasty joint supplement treat, 3 pieces a day. ;-D


Looks like someone is demanding a belly rub! :)

Thanks for hosting!


Happy Holidays! Meow Meow! Come visit my holiday post :)

Thanks, for hosting WCB!


Thanks for hosting!

I know, I am disappointed by the lack of participation in WCB, it will be sad to see it end.

I will keep posting my kitties on Saturday, and maybe call it something else, with a linky option at the bottom.


Hi there.

Thanks for hosting this past year.

We certainly hope WCB continues into the future.

In the meantime, we have our holiday post up!


I finally got around to Meowza for a Caturday post!

Thanks for hosting, you do so much for the CB.

It is appreciated.

Nikita Cat

Thank U all for coming!

Judi...LOL! Daddy caught me napping, and I rolled over, half napped-out still, at his approach.

Luckily my Super Senses were in Full Op Mode, or I would have plopped on the floor! ;-D

Pam, CatSynth, and Mog...The WCB has come a long way from it beginnings, same with Bad Kitty Cats Carnival of Chaos, but maybe their time has passed.

There are other weekend events like Camera Kitties, that have since come into their own, afterall.

I aim to do my best to help revitalize The Grand Daddy, Carnival of the Cats, in 2011, in addition to reviving some ideas Daddy & I, had from before he had his seizure last May, and all the otther things happened in our lives since, plus I've got new ones, too.

The Community of Cat Bloggers is a varied lot, and I want to try to explore more of it, and encourage more reaching out to let everyone know what great stuff can be found.

Samantha,  Clementine & Maverick

Oh no!!

We hope WCB doesn't go away!!

We love it!!

We will help Mom do more Editions so we can keep it going!!!

We have 3 new posts to share!


Happy Holidays! Thanks for hosting!

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