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November 25, 2010


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Very interesting.

We don't have bus service here, but we enjoyed reading about your research, and experience, with a pet stroller on your local buses.

Tamar Arslanian

Interesting post!

Love the photo of you and your Daddy together!

Good to know you weren't complaining about the bus driver's driving.

My Cats would likely freak if I took them out like that...not as adventurous as you.

But it makes me wonder what the rules in NYC are re: pet strollers..hmmm...


What a wonderful article this is.

This is great reference material.

Excellent job, Nikita!

Love & Purrs,

PDX pride

That's sooo wonderpurr that you can ride the buses where you live!

Tabby says: I ride the buses all the time to go visiting!

In Vancouver, WA, where we live now, the buses want me in a carrier.

However, when we get to Portland, OR, where the place I visit is, I can be in my stroller on the bus and light-rail transit.

You can see pics of the system I use, my stroller (which is like yours, except the shorter model) and my soft-sided carrier that we hang on the handle of the stroller for the Vancouver buses.

Isn't it fun to watch the other passengers realize that you're in the stroller? ;)

We're pretty well-known on the bus systems here, in both cities.

In fact, sometimes we get other passengers who know us and they tell the ones who don't that it's me inside and about the work I do!!! :)

Nikita Cat

You're a Stroller Pussy, too Tabby?


That's an interesting difference between Portland & Vancouver.

Did your Human ever check the Bus Company Rules to be sure you can't use the Stroller?

Daddy learned from a Bus Driver what we needed to know, and we figure there have to be other Stroller Kitties in the OC who would do as we do, if they only knew they could.

I'd love to see those pictures, if you have them on your blog!

I've visited your blog, but I guess I keep missing any Stroller reports. ;-D

The best part for me is I can keep up a running commentary about all I see, for Daddy to take notes for me to use later, and only Daddy understands what I am saying! ;-D

PDX pride


If you look at my visit diaries, I ride my stroller to, and from, those on public transportation, and include pics.

They're also on my FB page.

I keep up a running commentary for about the first 10 minutes, then I settle down to watch the other passengers.

We checked the official rules, and all strollers (including pet strollers) have to be folded.

C-tran (Vancouver) doesn't make a distinction between human baby strollers and pet strollers.

Tri-met (Portland) does.

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