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October 17, 2010


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At your age, Nikita, it's okay to have a lot of pill-popping going on - it happens for a lot of older humans too!

The important thing is that you are comfortable.

And I know that your human wants the very best for you because he spent a lot of money he couldn't afford to make sure you got the best treatment!

Paws crossed that he finds a new, lucrative career!

Hannah and Lucy

Nikita - your v-e-t sounds very nice, but we're sorry to hear you have lots of arthritis ouchies - you must take care of yourself, and let Elvira do the climbing, and reporting of what she can see so you can keep well informed.

We are sorry to hear your Daddy is now unemployed - there is so much of this now - we are hoping he finds a new job very soon.

Luv to you all from Hannah, Lucy and mum Sue xx xx xx


Wow, the vet certinly did a check up on you.

I am sorry to hear about Arthur, the mommie here is gettiing it in her fingers and knows that it can hurt.

At least the other tests had good results so that is good to know.

Your daddie loves you bunches and so great of him to give you the best of care.


Hope soon your daddie finds a new job and all will be well.

I don't understand, though, how they expect a kittie not to jump.

Impossible request.

Take it easy.

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

You might want to pop over to Brian's blog, Brain's home, and check out the neat steps he got for his sister Gracie to use.

Due to an injury she received as a kitten she has trouble jumping.

Happy to know there isn't anything seriously wrong.

Sending healing purrs, Arthur is no fun.

Hope the heating pad and medicine help you feel better.

Purrs your Daddy finds a job soon.



Your dad really loves you, Nikita.

That was a real effort on his part to get you to the vet and pay your bill.

We hope things will look up for him job-wise and financially soon!

We're sorry Arthur has moved in but glad you are getting some meds to help you.

Forty Paws

Goodness! You've got a lot going on there little buddy!

Good thing your Dad loves you so much!

We are sorry that your Dad is unemployed.

Same with our Maw.

But she loves us too and takes us to the v-e-t as well.

Luf, Us


Poor Nikita, we are very sorry to hear that your arthritis is so nasty, especially in your paws.

We hope those medicines and new diet really help you feel better.

You have been through a lot in the last few months with Elvira arriving, also, because we Cats are so stoic about pain, Arthur may have been around before you showed your Dad that your paw hurt, and there's nothing like a bit of low grade pain to make a Cat lose some poundage.

Being a little lighter really helps with Arthur we heard.

Hope your Dad gets a great job soon!

Whicky Wuudler

PDX pride

We're sorry for not keeping up with reading your bloggie for a while now, but we're back to reading it!

Sounds like you're on the right track with your meds.

Skylar had that bad Arthur guy hanging around for a while, too.

Forti-flora is very yummy, though, and it does its job. ;)

One of the foster kittens a year ago had to take it for a while, and we all enjoyed licking the packet after he got his share (which he tried to eat directly out of the packet instead of letting Mommy put it on his food first)!

There are some heated cat beds you can get, and a thing called a "Snuggle Safe" that you can heat in the microwave and use in your stroller for rides.

For kitty steps up to the bed, we have a well-positioned, blankie-covered Rubbermaid container.

It also makes a great nap spot!

If you have an Ikea near you, or a shelving store, you can get shelving and install it along the wall at low intervals for sleep perches as well.

V. H.

A friend tweeted this post to several colleagues and it caught my interest.

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