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September 19, 2010


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Poor Elvira.

What a trial.

Guess it wasn't too much fun for you either.

Glad you made the last bus home and didn't have to walk in the middle of the night.


Oh, purrs to Elvira - she did not have a fun evening!

I am keeping my paws crossed that the less-invasive treatment she got at the emergency clinic is all that she needs and the string has passed.

That would be best for all involved - both Elvira and her human's pocketbook!

Sisal and cardboard scratchers are probably best for claws, and for climbing, maybe consider installing some cat shelves - you can check some out here: http://www.therefinedfeline.com/.

That way you wouldn't need thready, stringy, carpet stuff.

Lee County Clowder

Purrrss to Elvira and her bean.

We're all hoping everything came out OK for you.

Be careful with strings, El-virus. They can be fun to play with, but they can do all kinds of nasty things to your insides if you eat them.


Hee hee, reading tha comment above, hoping effurryfing came out okay... tee hee.

Yes, Elvira, I haf also sampled string.

Not a good fing to do unless you want peoples poking around on yours belleh.

I had to lick lots of butter, too, that was pretty yummy.

Mommy ML buys special surgical string fur mine "flying" toys, just in case I eats it again.

I don't know what it is about strings, but they is so delicious looking, us torties just can't resist.

Hope you feel better, Elvira.

Love & Purrs,


Gosh Elvira, that's no way to spend a Saturday night, & Sunday morning.

Sorry you had a nasty string incident.

We all hope that you are fixed up good now, and your Dad can find a safer scratch pad solution for you.

Maybe your Dad could fix a couple of them to a wall if you prefer a vertical scratch n' stretch?

Could your Dad rescue the cat tower and maybe recover it with carpet tiles?

Some carpet tiles have a foamy backing rather than the stringy one.

Whicky Wuudler

PDX pride

We're only partway through catching up on your blog, so we'll refrain from commenting on your poopie situation until we read if it's been resolved or not.

We can, however, comment on the string situation.

Sisal scratching posts are great, but not the ones with the rope-type sisal (because that creates the same problem, just with a different material.

But the sisal that's woven into a mat is great!

Cardboard scratchers also work wonderfully, although it's a different feel that may take you a bit to get used to (and some of them are messy, as the cardboard gets torn into little bits that float around the house if not taken care of right away).

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