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September 16, 2010


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While I would not contact the person who wrote the comment because hey, he lost his dog and is obviously hurt and angry about it...the cat didn't cause his dog's death.

His dog died because he wasn't fenced or tethered, and a dog can't be expected to ignore his base instincts to chase.

And the only one responsible for making sure the dog can't get out of the yard is the owner.

I'm really sorry he lost his dog, whatever the reason. Let him blame the kitty, because it probably keeps him from going nuts blaming himself.

Junior and Orion

Some humans just never learn.

Nikita Cat

Max, no amount of hurt, and anger, justified such a disgusting comment, and makes me wonder about the truthfulness, and sanity, of the person making it.

Daddy, and I, have seen enough over 8 years of blogging to know that there are people who make such comments as a prank, on any number of websites, on any number of subjects.

I decided to respond the way I have because I preferred to use my peculiar sense of humor, instead of letting my anger get the better of me.

As an animal I would certainly not wish to have such a Human as a companion.

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

We enjoyed your humorous response immensely.

It is so sad that there are some people so full of hate they would kill an innocent cat.


Nice reply to the idiot ex-dog owner Nikita.

We agree.

The dog should have been fenced in with a proper, physical boundary fence.

There's no excuse.

Achilles, in effect, killed his own dog by his own stupidty, and laziness.

Achilles will probably end up shooting himself because he sounds too dumb to work out which end of a gun you hold, and which end you point at a target.

Paws crossed

Wicked Wuudler

brandi at catitude

You are opinionated, and educated, and certainly peculiar....which is why, if this cat had thumbs, your response to that idiot bean would be given THUMBS UP.

Then we'd open the canned cat food, and throw you a party!

Please know we love you.

Sweet Praline

Nice response to an angry person.

My mom's pastor continually makes comments against cats, and it bothers her.

Isn't he supposed to love all living things?

Nikita Cat

To Sweet Praline:

The Preacher sure would be in quite the pickle if Jesus returned to Earth as a Cat, now wouldn't he?

Wonder if he's considered that notion?

Um, hee, hee! ;-D

Angus Mhor

I think it's interesting that the poster, a self-confessed cat hater, took the time and trouble to read your blog, Nikita, and leave a comment not only disparaging of our fair species but comments regarding gender, and sexual, preference.

I think it's unlikely the events he described really happened - not IMPOSSIBLE - just unlikely.

Hence, I opine he is a troll-y type person and would file the comment he left in the round file where it belongs.

BUT! If the event in question DID happen, Max has the way of it.

He is ultimately responsible for the death of his poor dog by allowing the dog to be unleashed, or untethered, or un-fenced.

Had the dog been leashed, tethered, or enclosed in a fence, the dog would be alive still.

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