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August 27, 2010


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OK, Elvira, I can't stand making you wait any longer... we're submitting all ours Scafflaw Week posts.

We's so fankful fur Fin for coming up wif this GREAT IDEA.

And I hope we haf Scafflaw Week effurry year.

I will email you the links, or you can go look on ours bloggie!

Love & Purrs,
KC and Mom ML helped type


We sent you a possible link.

Every cat is so busy these days it's hard to get them to slow down and paw a comment, isn't it.

His Sweet Gypsy Rose

It's been a long time since I participated in cat carnivals, it's time to start up again by sharing the story of Spiffy the Wonder Cat! :)

***Nikita Says...Cool Story! Come back Sunday for the scoop!***


Jules and Vincent will be here for WCB, Miss Elvira.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for hosting!

Life From A Cat's Perspective

In our post for Weekend Cat Blogging we will show how we have been Bad all Week Long!!!

Thanks for hosting Elvira!

Your TX furiends,
Samantha & Clemmie

Nikita Cat

Thanks for coming everyone!

While Elvira is far from ready to host her first Carnival...she makes an able, young, Encourager. ;-D


Wif the wonnerful Scafflaw Week, we should haf all kinds of good entries.

Mine hat is off to Nikita fur getting us all interested in tha Weekend Activities.

Well, iffen I wore a hat, that is.

You knows what I mean.

Love & Purrs,


In my entry you will see what Arthur is doing under Rosie's watchful eyes !


Our post for the weekend is up!

We hope Elvira gets lots of submissions!


Thanks for hosting!

We have our entry up!


Patchouli is resting up this weekend after a very stressful week!

So stop by on Sunday, and see why. ;-D

Sammy Purrzalot

Us wacky fur babies dats needs homes and monies fur vet bills just posted new photos.

Sammy Purrzalot.

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