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August 22, 2010


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Oh, I would definitely like to enter this contest - this is one brand of cat food my human hasn't brought home to me yet!

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

***Contest Entry***

Well, first off we want to say we LOVE the Chicken Soup Cat & Dog Food wet & dry. Mommy has to make a special trip to buy it cause the T & N Feed Store is the only place that carries it around here.

The humans don't do much traveling and when they do they don't generally take us with them as except for the dog.

We don't care for riding in cars, but we goes with them to Grandma & Grandpa's if we has to evacuate for hurricanes.

To make the trip more pleasant for us Daddy lays the back seat down in his truck, and puts our litterbox back there, and opens the doors to our PTU's so we can come out if we wish.

Socks usually just stays in his PTU and sleeps. Scylla likes looking out the windows. Artemisia is a big fan of playing so she plays with the toys Daddy has for us in the back. We send the dog in the car with Mommy.

Once we get there Mommy & Daddy set our litterbox, food and water up in the laundry room. It's huge and we has lots of places to hide in there cause the Grandparents are pack rats.

We has to stay in there cause the Grandparents don't let animals in their house (Mommy got us in that one room in the house by saying she wouldn't evacuate if we couldn't come too, and stay in the house), but Mommy sneaks us out sometimes.

The dog has to stay outside in a doghouse and fenced in yard.

Sweet Praline

***Contest Entry***

I haven't tried that food before, but mom is always trying to find me something that I would like and its good for me.

I don't travel with my mom and I don't like to leave my house to be boarded, so I have my own private pet sitter that comes to check on me.

Once, when mom was out of town, a tremendous storm came up and my pet sitter stayed overnight on the couch so I wouldn't be afraid.

I think she's a pretty special lady.

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