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August 29, 2010


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Fuzzy Tales

Good luck!

We're waiting for an auction to help pay with Derry's vet bills, too.

We've got the graphic on our sidebar, by the way! :-)


:: waves paw ::
Hi Derry...
I fink you's tha next in line fur aukshuns.
Fanks fur tha wonderful post about The Furriends of The Cat Blogosphere blog.
Love & Purrs,


Hi Nikita,

Thank you for visiting my blog on the weekend and please forgive me for not responding to your original comment.

I wonder where the time goes but that is no excuse for such bad blogging manners!

I read the link you left regarding your blogging history, oh my gosh you were one of the pioneers...

I am a blogging infant to be sure - LOL!

I am so impressed with the CB Community and what a wonderful, supportive and kind-hearted group of cat loving people they are.

It makes me very happy to have been included and welcomed into this group!

I'm following your blog now and look forward to reading all your news and adventures!!

Warm regards.

Nikita Cat

Hello Cat, U R Welcome!

Not bad manners just a sad reality, that with so many great blogs, and resource websites, not just in one's Blogrolls, and only 24 hours in a day, 18 of which we Felines spend Snoozing, and Napping, that there is no way to read everything we may be interested in, in a week, much less a year! ;-D

The CB Community is just one corner of the vast Cat Blogging World on the Internet, and one of the most active, in an evolving world.

Taking over Planet Earth is a complex, ongoing, process, after all, and takes time, and co-ordinated effort. ;-D

As for me being a Pioneer...NO, absolutely not!

Not in the truest sense, because, while my initial presense online was in 1998, and I began blogging in 2002, during the infancy of the form, I did not develope as an active Blogger for several years (Just frequently appearing on Daddy's Blogs), and only got a blog of my own last January.

I don't think we will ever truly know who first began blogging about their Cats, or started the first blog devoted to, and/or written by, a Cat.

There are several well respected names, I think, in all those areas, that started around the same time.

What truly matters is the example, and inspiration, they all set for those who followed.


Sweet kitties! That place looks so comfy.



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