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July 11, 2010


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What a beautiful baby.

(S)he has a collar on, may belong to someone near by.

Or not. Can't wait to find out.

What a wonderful surprise.

Hannah and Lucy

We have come back from reading your story of when your Daddy found you and brought you home.

That is a very pretty Cat that found your Daddy - we're waiting to see what you do next.

Deb Taylor & the Taylor CatSSSSS


What a beautiful tortie.

Well, I know it is a girl because 99.9 percent of all torties are girls.

The collar makes me think she belongs to someone, but there isn't a tag on the collar with a phone number?

How very strange.

Your manager makes you pay a deposit for EACH cat?

Is that in your lease?

You might check because that is very unusual.

Normally, there is just a one-time-only fee.

Please let me know if I can help.

I think that I could negotiate with your apartment manager and get the fee waived.

The Meezers

Yes, the baby is a girl - as 99.999% of torties are (just like over 80% of ginger cats is boys).

Our the mom would put up a flier without a description or pikshur and make the people who call describe the kitties.

We has to pay rent efurry monf - $15 for each of us.

The mom says we needs to get jobs.........

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

We hope the kitty's family can be found soon.

If you keep it we knows you will be a great mentor.

We thinks it stinks you would have to pay an additional $400 for it.


I see Deb commented above... she is my best friend and a paralegal.

If anyone could get your fee waived, she can do it.
Trust me on this.

What an adorable little kitty, she reminds me so much of KC and Little CatZee.

Love & Purrs,


We are hoping that the little one is healthy and happy!

Tell your dad to wash his hands REALLY good before touching you after the kitten- they can carry things just through clothes and things.

Like Leukemia and Upper Respiratory.

Your dad needs to have him tested for that before he puts both of you together- just to make sure!


What a beautiful cat...


Just checking to see what is going on.

So exciting.

There's a kitten in your bathroom!


Deb Taylor & the Taylor CatSSSSS

Thanks for the update.

This baby is just so adorable! :)

Hey Nikita, I turned 50 a few weeks ago, and I'm still sorta fast too! LOL

All my CatSSSSS are laughing at that cause they think I am very slow! MOL


Torties are usually she's, and this one seems to be pretty cute.

Also pushy, manipulative and wants her own way, like a typical tortie (and I should know, living with one!).

I wonder where she came from - obviously she belonged to somebody at some point.

The Island Cats

That tortie is a cutie!!

If she has a collar, we would think she belongs to someone.

Maybe she got lost??

Maybe the flyer that your Dad puts up will help find her home.

Life From A Cat's Perspective


What a cutie!!

We can't wait to hear more about her!!

Your TX furiends,
Samantha, Clementine & Maverick

Fuzzy Tales

Well, we'll wait for an update!

Sounds like, if you do keep her, that Deb would be a good resource re. waiving the $400 fee for each cat, which is absurd.

What a cash-grab.

Humans would do more damage than a Cat!

Our human understands completely on the money issues, no question!

It's not too difficult to provide food and litter, but the vet bills--particularly the unexpected ones--are a killer.

If you can't find this kitten's humans and can't keep her, try and contact a private rescue organization or find a low-cost spay/neuter program.

A lot of cities do offer them, often through humane societies, but sometimes through private rescue groups too.

Good luck!!!


Cute kitty!

Maybe a little hard to discover her family, if there is no contact info with it.

An extra $400 for EACH cat is steep.

Here, the complex either totally prohibit pets or, if pets are allowed, there would be no charges at all.

Eric and Flynn

That is a cute little kitty.

We were amazed to learn that you have to pay a deposit to keep kitties, and even more amazed that you have to pay a monthly rent for them too.

Sounds like a get rich quick scheme for landlords.

Hannah and Lucy

Just saw there was an update so came by to catch up - the kitten seems to be making herself at home.

Nikita seems to be telling her all the house rules, but whether she takes any notice may be another thing!!

Best wishes Hannah and Lucy xx xx


The kitty is a tortie and therefore a girl.

There are no three colored males in cat world only very very seldom.

I have never heard of paying a deposit for keeping an animal !

Or you are allowed, or you are not.

My vet says that cats who only live inside don't need special shots.

She looks exactly like my Lisa who died in February.

Harry Spotter

The introoder is really cute and, you are right, a closed door is really interesting, especially when you hear kitty noises behind it.

Please keep us posted on the cutie introoder.

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