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July 28, 2010


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Leslie Mehana


I taught my kitty to make a smacking sound when he "kissed" me.

And to knock all pens off all tables (that was a baddie).

I'd read that they learn by watching, so...


So true, so true.

When I used to have indoor-outdoor cats, whenever they wanted to go outside, they'd bat their paws on the doorknob.

They understood HOW to open the door!

Freya & Teego

My kitties are USELESS round the house.

I try to teach them to feed themselves, beg and stand up in front of guests, and even where the on off switch on the hoover is, but do they do ANYTHING around the house?

Do they heck!

They're not that clever after all!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

Hmf...what a load.


Cats and dogs are social animals.

Like all social animals they will copy what the members of their social group do to enhance bonding and keep life on an even keel.

Why is science so darn slow to catch up?


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