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July 18, 2010


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Taz,Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna in IL

We just want to formally welcome Miz Elvira.

We are happy she found her way to you, and hope both of you have a peaceful life...

We know there will be an adjustment period, but be gentle with her.

She's young, and she will need to learn the ropes.

Snuggles and purrs,

Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in Illinois

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Elvira, is a charming name for a charming young lady.

She is so lucky you two guys rescued her.


O, this is like Chapter One.

Love it.

'specially tha happy ending...
or tha happy beginning.

Miss Elvira made a great choice, didn't she.

Don't know how hers made it up those steps, but you know how persistent us torties can be.

I's waiting fur hers call to go an help get ready to meet effurryone.

Miss Elvira is a little shy, so give hers a nice warm welcome.
Love & Purrs,

pee ess: Later on we's will haf tha biggest, bestest aukshun. We's had donashuns of grrreat items all ready. But that's fur annuffur day, this is indeed little Elvira's Day.


We must be early for the party... well, it is three hours earlier here on the West Coast.

Anyway, we all brought lots of food for the party... we've bringed real live dead chicken, roast beast, and Temptashuns.

Plus, lookie here... a bottle of Liz-Quila.

So let's get this party started...

~Sol, Smokey & BJ

Harry Spotter

Congrats on your new sister Elvira.

Glad she has a proper name now, all ladies need a good name.

Ok..lets have a party now to celebrate the new lady in the house.

The Island Cats

Welcome, Elvira!!

You couldn't have found a better home!!

Now it will be your job to keep those two guys in line!!

The Meezers

Hi Elvira!!

we has to say that you ended up wif the bestest daddy in the whole werld!!!!


O, guess what?

Tha Voles, Texas Gulf Coast Division, aka KC's Voles, will be heres later.

Tha East Coast Voles, aka Auntie Deb's Basement Voles headed by Elmer and Gladys, are also planning to attend.

Iffen you don't remember, after one of ours parties, Elmer and Gladys chose to stay behind at Auntie Deb's house.

They was newlyweds back then.

Now there be 43 voles, well, at last count.

What fun we can haf chasing them around, they's gotted a couple of noo games fur us to play.

Also, I bringed some of mine famous catnip ice cream.

Love & Purrs,

pee ess: We's gotted a bit of a mystery.

In the aftermath of mine somewhat wild 4th purrthday party back in June, two of tha East Coast Voles were reepurrted missing.

We's also missing two voles -- coincidence???

I's not so sure. You can't nefur tell wif Voles.

We suspeks they might haf hitched a ride up north wif ours good furriends, Samantha and Clementine.

We could be looking fur anuffur whole noo colony of voles.

We'd better warn Nikita and Dad Kiril.

Unless, of course, they like voles like we do.

Hannah and Lucy

Hello little one - at least you have a name now - Elvira is such a pretty name - don't be shy every cat here is going to love you just like your new Daddy and Nikita.

Have fun - whispers you'll soon have them both wrapped round your tiniest claw!!

We are so looking forward to seeing you take no nonsense from them.

luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

::stop pushing Speedy, sheesh you'd think yoo neffur saw a kitten afore::

Hi, we camed to meet Elvira...we brawt some shrimp and some ham fur all to share.

We couldn't wait fur her debut!

Speedy is a little bit acited, he loves kittens.

He sez he is gonna wash her ears if she will let him.


Love the stories with the happy endings.

I know some doggie friends and if you would like I could see if they could come over and take care of the meanie human that was first around.

What a terrible person.

You are so lucky to have picked your family.

I did that too.

Mine never saw it coming.

Isn't being an inside furever kittie the best?!

I can not believe but you must have been starving when you were first trying to find a nicer place to live.

Take care of your daddie and will see you later.


It sounds like Elvira came to the right place!

I'm not even sure why the first human had her around in the first place.

Clearly Elvira knew she deserved better.

And she also knew where to find it!

The Creek Cats

Welcome, Elvira! You're such a beautiful and lucky girl!!!


Wow, this is tha neatest party effurr.

I don't fink I's effurr played this much or had more fun.

Nikita, you are an excellent host.

Now we's gonna go re-read some of tha posts.

We kitties are gonna sneek back offurr here later tonight so we can play some more.

Love & Purrs,

Sweet Praline

Welcome Elvira!

I look forward to hearing more about you and how you tame the bachelors!


Hello Ms Elvira, you have really landed firmly on all four paws in your new home. I think Nikita will be a perfect big bro' and you will soon learn all the ways of the house.

Some people don't deserve the company of animals, people like your previous people for instance. You are a lucky little ladycat to have landed a home with a pair of good chaps like Kiril and Nikita.

Whicky Wuudler

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