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June 09, 2010


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That is an awful lot of tests your human has to go through!

And it doesn't sound like they are finding much.

I think there must not be a lot wrong with him if he was able to install a multifunction laser printer without your help!


And I finked tha VET gifs me lots of tests... nuffin compared to this.

Well, guess they wants to make sure your Dads okay, Nikita.

Wonder is your Daddy will be on tha young ladies' bloggie?

At least thems not finding nuffin wrong, and that's good.

Love & Purrs,



That's the trick to post a comment.

Type in tha comment, then do a preview, then save tha comment.

I gots it.


Hannah and Lucy

Hi Nikita and Daddy:

We have examined the doctors findings, and are as puzzled as they are.

Perhaps, Nikita, you need to eat some of your Daddy's food for him so he loses some weight - has he been stealing your treats to nom?

Perhaps you could also get him to jump up on furniture, and climb trees, and fences, to get him in tip top form!

purrs from Hannah and Lucy xx

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Not finding things wrong is good, but it's always nice to have an "answer" to what happened.

We hope they find something simple for the cause of the seizure.

They never found any thing wrong with our Dad.

Does your Dad have a 6 month driving restriction?

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


Nikita, you must be exhausted after helping your Dad so much.

I hope you got to keep that cathederal sized box too.

Were you printing out pictures of your Dad's brain?

Glad there's nothing sinister, and your Dad is ok. Yay!



We're glad to know your dad has some positive news.

Now if they could only figure out what the problem is/was.

Looks like you're taking good care of your dad, and are being a good help to him.

We have an old laser printer (black only, no color) and we love it.

Didn't know it comes as a 4-in-1 now.

How neat!

Nikita Cat

Hannah & Lucy, Daddy has not been stealing my treats, and I'm helping him find better things to eat. ;-D

Thought he HAS been known to jump on the bed with me, tree climbing is not something he's ever done much.

However, he plans to get back to his bike riding, and do more hiking and, I'll take him out for more strolls, of course. ;-D

Nikita Cat

Sniffle, Daddy never has been a Car Human, ever.

In Southern Ca. that makes him weirder than the usual weirdness found here, to some, hee, hee! ;-D

He walks, bikes, and busses, everywhere.

His parents walked, and bussed. ;-D

Nikita Cat

I'm doing my best, Jan! ;-D

Nikita Cat

Sadly, Whicky, the box has been put in the garage.

Yes, I've been helping Daddy do the printing that he's been doing, and it's real cool! ;-D

Nikita Cat

Nothing wrong, so far, KC, and as I updated above, his tests are set for next week!

Nikita Cat

Re: Sparkle and

"I think there must not be a lot wrong with him if he was able to install a multifunction laser printer without your help!"

Hee, hee! ;-D

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