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May 08, 2010


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Nikita, you sit on him iffen you need to.

Iffen you need help, just ask any and all of us Cat Blogosphere cats, and we'll help you sit on him.

We'll make a giant kitty pile and he won't effurr move.

You's gotta take good care of him.

We're sending lots and lots of purrs.

The Meezers

kiril - I hope that you are ok! I just logged on to the CB and Facebook and saw the news. Please take care! - MeezerMomMary

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

YIKES we know how scary that is.

Our Daddy had the same thing last May 5 while he was sleeping.

It really scared our Mom.

We hope your Daddy is okay.

They did a squillion tests on our Dad and never found anything wrong.

He's been on medicine and has never had another seizure.

Purrs and Purrayers,

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


Oh, dear, we are sorry your dad is going through this.

We're glad he has you to take care of him and make him follow the doctor's orders.

We hope the medicine helps and this won't happen again because we know it gave him a bad scare.

"The Boys" and Karen

Oh my, Nikita Cat, I'm so sorry to learn the story about your Daddy.

What a trying time that must be for all of you.

I'm glad to know he's a little better...at least he got to come home so he can rest.

"The Boys" and I will keep him, you, and your family in our thoughts and purrayers.


Oh cripes Nikita!

Now you put on your nursing uniform and make sure he RESTS properly.

Kiril, we hope you can get some proper rest and get over this ordeal.

It must have been seriously scary. er, what are you doing on the pc? Get off the pc and go REST.

Nikita, sit on your Dad plz so he can't get up.

Sending rumbly purrs galore

& The Ape


Oh no!

That is VERY scary!

My human says that happened to a friend of hers and she is better now, but it was mystifying because she was (and is) one of those humans who always takes good care of themselves.

So make sure your human rests up even if you have to lie on him to keep him from moving, and that he does everything the human vets tell him to do.

I am sending your human lots of healing purrs.

I hope you will pass them along to him.

Laila and Minchie

Oh noes!

You take real good care of your daddy, okay?

We are keeping him in our thoughts and prayers.

Sweet Praline

I hope the medicine helps your dad. Once he sees the neurologist, he'll have a better idea about what is going on.

MOM PAULA: I had two gran mal seizures over 30 years ago that required me to be in the hospital two different times for a week each. After many tests and trips to the neurologist, it was discovered that my seizures were stress related. I had to quit teaching during my first year of teaching in October. I was on medicine for 10 years. I am now off of the medicine and am seizure free. I hope things go well for you.


Take good care of your Daddy, Nikita.

We are sending lots of healing purrs his way.

'Kaika and the Yosemite cats


Just checking back fur an update.

We's purring fur Dad Kiril.

Love & Purrs,

Daisy the Curly Cat

Oh dear, that must have been skerry!

I hope your dad will be all better soon!

The Island Cats

We are purring for your daddy and hoping he is okay!

Molly, Shadow, Trooder and Mom Laure

These beans, they dun know when rest is good - dey shud nap like us kittehs. Nikita yoo is a gud snooperviser so gettin yer dad to lay is easy werk. Purr lots fer hims, dat makes beans sleepy and happy too!


Peeeeeeeeeeee S: We is furry happy dat yer dad is back homes wif yoo. Anyfing dat has a bean stayin away and comin back wif weird smells is hard on dem too!

The Taylor CatSSSSS


We read about you on the CB and had to come and visit. We hope that your Daddy is feeling better! We are sending lots of purrs!

Mommy says that your Daddy's seizure should be considered a work-related accident and he should be entitled to workman's compensation. She is a paralegal and if he has any questions, please contact her at: debrastaylor at earthlink dot net

Love, uSSSSS

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

Omigosh, we just read about dis and hadda come over and...

Well, let's just say we is purring and purraying really hard fur yoor daddy.

If yoo need help keeping him resting, like KC said, we'd be happy to come help sit on him.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

We came by to see if there were any updates and to say we'll be purring for good results tomorrow.

Don't google too much...Mom scared the poop out of herself after our Daddy's seizure!

Dad's was a tonic clonic (grand mal) too.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


Oh no!

We hope your Dad will be okay, Nikita.

We sure are glad you are there to take care of him.

Purrs and prayers.

HotMBC aka The Hotties

We are purring and purraying for your Daddy to feel all way better soon.


Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

Karen Jo

That must have been VERY scary.

I hope and pray that the medicine and rest help your Dad to get all better very soon, Nikita.

Herman is sending his best healing purrs.

Marian Silverman

Yes, Nikita: you know your job well.

Keep up the good work in taking care of Dad.

Marian Silverman


Just dropping by to see how your Dad is Nikita.

What a good job you are doing making sure he gets lots of rest.

Don't let him do too much Googling though.

It's Monday now in the UK so we are sending rumbly purrs to accompany Kiril during his tests today, hope all goes well.

Whicky Wuudler
& The Ape


We are sending lots of rumbling purrs and healing thoughts to your Daddy, and hope that he gets better very soon!

We're glad that you can look over him while he rests.

I know that your beautiful face will comfort him during his recuperation!!!

Lots of purrs and prayers, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla, and Misa

Cats of Wildcat Woods

We are sending lots of prayers and purrs for your Dad.

Very scary thing to happen but we know you will take good care of him!

Cat Lady Diary

Oh my gosh Nikita...good thing you are there to help your dad feel better...

Thank you for you kind thoughts about Little Stevie!


Just checking back in for updates, and were there ever updates!

Nikita, you are a furry good reepurrter.

We's glad your Dad is doing ok and you is watching him wif an Iron Paw.

Fanks so much,
Love & Purrs,

Sweet Praline

I just dropped by to check on any updates. Continued purrs.

Huffle Mawson

I am sending my very best purrs for your dad!


Thanks for all the updates!

It sounds like he is behaving himself and doing everything he needs to do to get checked out.

BUT if he gives you anymore problems, just let us know and we will come over and sit on him!

****Note from Nikita ****

Thank U, Sparkle, for being the 400th comment left on my blog since I began it on New Year's Day! ;-D

****End Note****


It's not like it's impawtant or anyfing. June!?

Well, gif yours Daddy lots of hugs... we's sending him a card to make him smile.

Iffen anyone wants your address, all thems haf to do is email me (kc AT catblogosphere DOT com).

Him should be getting a few cards already.
Love & Purrs,

The Meezers

Nikita we has been furry werried about your dad . our the mom hates the hassle at the dr office.

Kiril - take care of yourself - I'm sorry that you're having so many problems with the dr. - Mary


Hakuna sends purrs and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for Nikita's Daddy.


Nikita, you still have those back claws - very handy for bunny kicking receptionists into finding earlier appointments!

We hope your Dad gets an early appointment and the tests he needs beforehand.

Those are great pictures of you looking after him.

Whicky Wuudler

PDX pride

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrraying for your daddy!!!!!!!


Oh, dear, we feel so dumb.

We kept coming over to check on you, saw the same post and left. We never looked below for updates.

We are glad your dad is getting some rest and you are keeping an eye on him.

Purrs and tail wags.

Life From A Cat's Perspective

Good job of taking care of your Dad Nikita!!

And thanks for the Updates!!

Your TX furiends,


Wow, Nikita, thanks for all the updates!

I hope the doctors get everything straightened out, and he doesn't have to worry about these seizures in the future.

In the meantime, we will keep purring for him, and if you ever need help sitting on him again, don't be afraid to ask!


Very interesting reading Nikita. Glad the EEG went well for your Dad.

He's lucky to have you to read through alllllll the info.

That's a super picture of you checking it out.

Our ape says spinach and brocolli are fulla iron and we cats say lamb's liver is too (we know which one you'd choose tee hee).

Here's to you and your Dad having a restful weekend.

Whicky Wuudler

PDX pride

Glad your daddy could get the EEG done so soon!

Purrrrraying for him and you!

Sounds like you're taking good care of him.


We're glad to hear his getting his tests as soon as possible! That must have been very scary! We hope he's all better soon!

Thank you for mentioning my Vishus Deer Report a couple months ago!

We missed the comment then (lazy human woman!) but we went and read the post now!

We have all kinds of Vishus Deers up here, even Vishus Elk-Deer farms!

It's a huge problem!

They even wander in my yard below my windows spying on us!

Sending lots of healing purrs!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Mom said it was good our Daddy had an EEG 'cause she knew for sure that he had a brain!

Our Daddy was originally on Keppra but he didn't handle it very well. It made him super tired and (VERY) irritable. He lasted 3 months on it and they changed him to generic dilantin.

We're purring for good results.

They never found anything in our Daddy's tests.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


Hi Nikita,

Just checking in to see how you and your Daddy are doing.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Purrs and prayers.


We're glad your dad has retained his sense of humor through all this.

We hope he won't have any more seizures -- ever.

Take good care of your dad, Nikita.

Karen Jo

Your Daddy sure is going through a lot.

I am glad that he got his EEG, but sorry that he can't get in to see the neurologist until the 27th.

Maybe your Dad should eat spinach, like Popeye.


So sorry to hear this.

Lots of good thoughts coming to you!

Harry Spotter

So sorry to hear about your Daddy.

What would he do without you?

You are a great caretaker, you do what you need to do to keep him well.

Please keep us posted.

Sending you hugs, purrs, and prayers.

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