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April 04, 2010


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It's lovely to see you out and about Nikita.

Did those yellow poppies smell good?

I do think it's a bit mean to take you to a shop that doesn't sell cat supplies then taunt you by buying a tuna sandwich then not giving you any.


Whicky Wuudler


What a great ride you have!



I can fix the sticker problem! Well, that is if you like my cats!

Just go to my blog and then to the shop url.

I don't know how many of the graphics have stickers but just email me about any that don't if you want them, & I can put them in.

The stickers are made out of the same vinyl that they make bumper snickers out of so they'll weather any storm. ::grin::

I haven't had much traffic but any profit I get goes to help feed & vet my Horde.

Oh yes, and if there is a slogan you'd like but don't see... just ask.

I'm a wicked, evile, cat person... and always up for a challenge!

(Okay, I'm still not happy with any black kitties I've come up with, but I'm picky! My first cats as a child and as an adult were black!)

Harry Spotter

That is too funny.

We want a stroller now since we are not allowed out.

Enjoy your walks.

Wish we could join you.

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