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March 21, 2010


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Thank you very much for the award !

That was very nice of you to have thought about my Cats !

I don't think that Dragonheart will ever come back again.

Something happened there because they disappeared without saying a single word.

That's more than strange.

As I have 4 Cats now, because little Lisa went to the bridge a months ago, it's a little difficult to describe their characters, but I do it each tuesday for Cats on Tuesday.

BTW we had a tunnel too, but none of the Cats wanted to go in there, not even Rosie when she was a kitten, lol !


Great post.

I miss Dragonheart, no one seems to know what happened, but it is a real shame.

My cats all love their tunnels... the tunnels are crinkly and make a lot of noise.

They love to gang up and run thru the tunnels, all six at the same time, about 3 a.m.

The Crew

You've never had a spidey?!

Poor Nikita. They do make a nice snack.

OK, we changed your link in our sidebar.

Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for considering us for the award, too, although we already had it.

We'll stop by more often.


Congratulations Nikita!

In that celebratory pose you really are all mancat too ;)

..and it's very interesting to learn new things about you as well. :D

We are all blushing here to be described so generously, thank you buddy, and thank you for the award.

We hope you find a (safe non poisonous) spider to play with one day.

They really are tops, and last ages if you don't break their legs all at once. ;)

Whicky Wuudler

The Meezers

Those is great things to know.

Billy really can't dance either, but he loves the music!


Concatulations, Nikita! :)

Team Tabby

Mindy is blushing after seeing that pic of you, Nikita!

Oh, and congratulations on winning the beautiful blogger award - and thanks for passing it on to us. We feel quite honoured!

We loved hearing about you and your bean.

We hopes you get to chase a spider or even a mouse.

Pretty soon June bug season will be here - do they ever get inside your home? they are awesome to chase.

Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike


I'm so sorry I never picked up my award several months ago.

I'd still like to if that is okay?

Nikita Cat


Dear Tigger, it is more than OK!

I know that, being so much older than I, the mind may tend to wander, and that Napping, and Snoozing, may take precidence over other things, such as blogging, and sharing your wisdom, and knowledge, and experience, so this honor may have not come to your attention until now, um, hee, hee! ;-D

Amanda Socci

I had no idea you won this blogging award!

Very beautifully written. Great descriptions of the nominees, too!

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