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March 23, 2010


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PDX pride


This is wonderpurr!

We haven't recieved ours yet, (the humans received theirs, but no mail for us in that regard) but when we do we'll be sure to reference your post for all the helpful instructions! ;)

Karen Jo

My human already did her census, but I haven't seen mine yet.

It looks hard.

I am trying to understand human paperwork by sleeping on my human's income tax returns.

meowers from missouri

we is workin' hard on our census, an' mom's helpin'.

your commentary is makin' an easy job of it!

an' thank you furry much for includin' the reassurance that no infurmation will be released to vishus deers (or any of those other noxious critters you named).

we had been worryin' about that.

remember, just because we're paranoid doesn't mean that THEY are not out to get us!!

Katie Ann Kitty Too

oh dats makes more cents din da centsus...


Katie Kitty TOo


I was really tempted to put my cat on my census form.

Guido the Italian Kitty

I'm a welcoming da purrrson in da blue OhFishYule Census Shorts - gonna serve dem my EyeTailYun meatballs while they asks da queshuns.

Youza helped me fantasticatically!

patty k

I just hope when that it do not happen in some state up north some that head of the household put her cat as a member of her family and later on the cat was sent a notice of jury duty and nowhere you can use I am cat so I go and show up at the courthouse 4 jury 4 this reason states like if you of an eldery or you are at the army.

So whats the diference from the census 4 humans and none 4 cats discrimination I tell you.

Leslie Mehana

Leslie answering for presently missing feline.....

We agree that only felines with humans should be censed because:

1) the humans fill out the form


2) there are statistical norms for figuring out the rest of the population.

The rest was way too confoosing.

Thank you for listening.

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