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March 09, 2010


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Zippy, Sadie and Speedy

Oh boy, what an adventure!

Are yoo gonna join a strollering group?

When are yoo going out again?

Bet it was fun.

*sigh* when we go out in our kennel it's da same old view, well, der are birdies and skwerrels and some of da naybors come by to say hello...but it's not da same as going out to meet dem.

Daisy the Curly Cat

Way to go, Nikita!

You are progressing so well in your strollering adventures!

Thanks for letting us tag along, it was fun!

Fuzzy Tales

Wow, Nikita, you had a grand adventure in your FUV.

Actually, it's more like a chauffeur-driven kitty limo!

Good for you -- I'm sure we'll be reading many more stories of your outings. :-)


sounds like a great walk!!!

When you said someone got a kick out of your dad's shirt I had to scroll back up to see what it was.

all i can say is

0_0 zomc


I just got a flash of the scene from the movie,
"Titanic," where DiCaprio shouts, "I'm king of
the world!"

Maybe it's time to put a bumper sticker
on the FUV.

But ... please try to avoid politics.

Nikita Cat

If there is a Stroller Group in our Area Daddy & I would consider it, but in the meantime I joined the group on Catster. ;-D

Daddy's Shirt has been getting funny looks, and amused acceptance, ever since he got it 2 months ago.

Now, with the Stroller, things will really get fun, and interesting. ;-D

As for stickers, and patches, and buttons...

Definitely no politics!

We want funny, and serious, but related to Cats.

Daddy already found a place that sells "My Cat is Smarter Than Your High School Student" stickers...but are currently out! ;-D



I would have loved to have done that.

I can't get too far outside the house because Nishiko is such a scaredy cat!

I can't wait to read your future stroller adventures. xxx

Leslie Mehana

Congratulations, Nikita, you brave, brave boy!

I would have been SOOOO terrified to take that long, long stroll out in the big, bad world.

You're my hero!!!


What a fantastic adventure you, and your Daddy had yesterday, Nikita.

We are glad you are enjoying your FUV! :)

Love Meow

What a fun trip!

I would love to get a stroller for my kitties too.

Nikita, you look so adorable in your FUV. :)


What an amazing adventure!

This chauffeured strollering looks like it suits you very well.

In every picture you look so alert, and happy!

We think you will become a local celebrity with people asking for your pawtograph!

Whicky Wuudler

Sharyn at The Kitty City Gazette


I love your stroller Nikita, and your blog as well.

You tell them all!

I think you need a free Kitty City Gazette sticker for that fancy ride of yours, so email me!


Good goin'!

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