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January 31, 2010


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Cats of Wildcat Woods

This sounds like fun - can we post our poems on our blog?

Mom loves to write Haikus!

***EDITER'S UPDATE - 2/15***

The Cats have posted a Haiku! Stay Tuned!


Nikita Cat


Post on your blog!

That's the point, for the Cat Blogger, especially.

Share you talent, and introduce your blog, to a wider, new, audience! ;-D

If you can't do trackbacks to this post, then just send me the link to your post at the e-mail in the sidebar.

Harry Spotter

Great poem.

That takes a lot of skill.

Very impressive.

nels-ed-nitro-xing lu pierce


This was kinda fun!

We will post our haiku on friday, 5 Feb. If you decides to make this a monthly thing, we promises to try to keep up!

edmund, nitro, xing, an' igmu


What a cool idea, nice to meet you!



Glad you are interested.

Let us know when you have the post up, and the link. ;-D


Feline Denizens of the House of Chaos

Our Mistress writes poetry sometimes, and this one she put on our blog 4 years ago (that blog don't exist no more, we've a new one now) and here it is:


Why do cats purr ? I am not sure
but it might be a warning system
that happiness is to overflow
may spring from safe boundaries

contained inside this soft fur-ball
is an explosion of sensations
and what you hear are the workings
of a genuine purrclear reactor

fear ye not this strange radiation
that springs from a silken throat
in an endless rumbling soothing sound
that is the purr - essence of happiness

She's got some more, but this we think is the best one.

Thank you for reminding us that humans can make strange but amusing sounds (You should hear Mistress "declaiming" such poems... rotfl).

Lots of purrs from the Feline Denizens of the House of Chaos...


Nikita, if you don't smack those who give you no trouble, what do you do about those who give you skritches?

(Sigh. I wish I could.)


Hello...Noll would like to submit a Haiku. It was written for his blog and it is about a hairball.

***EDITOR - And a very Cool Haiku it is, too!

Stay tuned everyone! ;-D***


One should love Cats.

They are so tasty! ;-D

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