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January 09, 2010


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Apes* are insane the way they warp language and some words become unusable because of it.

In the UK you hear the word "pussy" less and less because of the misappropriation.

Pusscat is still common.

Kitty is being used more and more.

Did you know that "puss" is also a colloquial term for face or mouth? as in "I whapped the ape right in the puss".

I agree, pussy should be reclaimed!

Whicky Wuudler


For those Felines unaware of it, the Humans have done this research stuff, since at least the time of some guy named Darwin, in the early 1840's, that shows they are possibly descended from Apes...They gave this Theory a name...Evolution...and seem pretty sure of it, teaching it in school, and writing a zillion books, and studies.

Meanwhile, we Cats didn't so much "Evolve" from anything vastly different from us, as, um, "Fine Tune" perfection...hee, hee!. ;-D

The Meezers

We have no prollem with using the word pussy, or pussycat, but our the mom just calls us "the boyz" because she has a lazy tongue. MOL

Sweet Praline

I always wondered when the word "pussy" became associated with vulgarity in the United States.

It's such a shame.

Nikita Cat

Very Interesting insight into British Usage, Everycat!

LOL! At The Meezers Mom! ;-D

It IS a shame, Sweet Praline.

Would reclaiming the word for Pussydom Assembled lead to a lessening in cruelty to Felines?

I don't know, but at least I can make the Humans think a bit.

PDX pride

Mommy brought a poetry book along one day when she was a nanny, and was reading some of the (kids') poetry to the little 3-year-old boy.

His mother was there, as it was just the end of the nanny time, and was half-listening as she was getting dinner ready.

She was horrified that Mommy was reading a poem with "pussy" in it, the same one that you have in this post!

Mommy then explained that it meant a cat, and the lady calmed down but still didn't like it, so Mommy had to read the poem with "kitty" instead of "pussy", MOL!!!

Leslie Mehana

Agatha Christie used the term frequently to refer to elderly ladies.

Cherry City Kitties

OMC! That was the best article EVER!

We can't get the Momma off the floor she is rolling around and looks like she got into some nip or something!

the CCKs

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