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January 31, 2010


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Harry Spotter

Your dad did everything he could.

Like the one commenter said, you can't save them all even when you try.

It's sad but what can you do but hope, and pray, he makes his way, if not then he will make it to the Bridge where he will never hunger, nor thirst, nor want for love, and attention.

Sending purrs, and prayers, to all of you.

Hannah and Lucy

What a terrible decision to have to make and, to be totally honest, one I hope I never have to face.

You just have to hope that he found someone with whom he settled, and lived a healthy, and happy, life (After all you had already prepared him for a "family" life with humans.).

If not, and he went to the Rainbow Bridge, he will meet up with Nikita again, one day, and they can be friends again.

Molly, Shadow, Trooder and Mom Laure

Stray, and feral, cats are so hard to tame from the wild side.

I am lucky to have two strays that trust me completely to let me pick them up, and love them, but they also enjoy the freedom of going, and coming.

I have one that stays in my basement all the time - she no longer wants to be outside, I've tried.

The other comes, and goes, as she pleases, in the hallway and, out again.

In the back I have plastic totes made into shelters, food and water for those cats that used to have a home, or are too wild but need those things.

THAT is the only thing I can do, too - I wish there was more.

Max knew love, and I'm sure he carries that with him all the way to the rainbow bridge.

You did no wrong, you did what human nature lets us do. :)

Mom Laure

Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla

Max was a lovely boy and we have our paws crossed he found a home.

At least he was fixed.

Alasandra Says: My cousin got a female cat, and didn't have her spayed because she was going to be an indoor only kitty.

Well when she went into heat she drove them nuts so they let her out with the predictable result.

They dumped her, and all but two of her kittens, at my parents to be barn cats (sigh) .....

I can't rescue them all, and Mom refuses to let me have them fixed because it would cost to much money.

I did manage to rescue Socks and Artemisia from there.


There was a kitty before Missy, before me, even.

Hers name was Mitzy.

Mitzy was the first cat mine mommy effur had. She doesn't like to talk about her.

Mommy ML tried, and tried, to tame her, but hers nefur lost tha wild, feral side.

One day Mitzi escaped and nefur came back.

It bothers mine mommy, she finks she failed Mitzy. She didn't know much about cats then.

Missy Blue Eyes came along not a month after that, and Mommy ML realized that some kitties love haffing homes.

I finks sometimes some kitties just be too wild.

That's furry sad. Heart breaking.

Max broked a few hearts in hims journey, hopefully him learned enuff from Nikita and Dad Kiril that he was wanted to find a home.

I like to fink he did.

Furry sad story, great picksures.

Love & Purrs,

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