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January 13, 2010


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I dunno Nikita, there's a heap of legal abuse carried out on animals every day in the world, ear trimming, tail docking, cat toes denuckled to save furniture, cats and dogs skinned alive for food, farm animals living and slaughtered in the most appalling conditions...

The language we use to describe our world gets us that world, maybe there's some other words that need tackling first?

We'd like to see PETA and all animal welfare organisations work a bit harder on changing laws that allow people to mutilate or harm animals wherever they are in the world.

We'd like to see some serious education for all apes on living respectfully with the whole animal.

Words don't feel pain.

Nikita Cat

Daddy tells me there is a Human saying that goes something like this:

"Sticks, & Stones, May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Hurt Me!"

The truth is, as he even admits, that words CAN do harm, and not every human, or every critter, has the strength to ignore the pain.

I agree, whole-heartedly about what you say about abuse, and about the need of groups like PETA to do all they can to fight such abuse.

You talk about the need for education, & respect...

I could not agree more.

That is why I've written about something so simple as a word, and am asking questions of PETA, and other groups in the days to come.

Would reclaiming the word for Pussydom Assembled lead to a lessening in cruelty to Felines?

I don't know, but at least I can make the Humans think a bit, thus helping to educate them.

Education about abuses, including those created by the use of language, can hopefully bring more respect, and appreciation for Felines, and our critical place in the Human World.


Nikita dude, we do see your point, and agree.

PETA have used naked women in some of their campaigns to highlight the way some animals are abused.

They say this exploitation is ironic, but our ape says she'd like to hit PETA with an irony bar (heh geddit?)

Yes we say!

Reclaim the Pussy word, not just for cats but to free apes from exploitation too!

It can do nothing but good to educate apes in respecting us, and maybe via that route, they'll learn to respect themselves as well.

Whicky Wuudler

Teri and the cats of Furrydance

I have a problem supporting PETA as I live in Virginia where this terrible abuse happened


and as to the HSUS


I send my $$$ to Best Animal Society and to help the cats of the CB

Melvin and Zoey at Mouchois

I'm going to tell the truth, and admit that I am against a lot of what PETA does.

I'm not against the organizations sole mission, but more against how they carry it out.

It seems as though they are a group that has fueled more hatred than love, and has sent out a message that people do not matter when an animal is involved.

They have also proven to be pretty big hypocrites in the past (see Teri's post).

I sometimes wonder if the money has blinded the real problem for PETA, and the only way they can get any real following is by sending a sexual and hateful message (ie their group's against animal eating, marketing that people who eat animals should consider eating themselves.)

Search the "Illogic of Animal Rights" sometime and you will find a very well written, well thought out message to PETA.

PETA is no longer an organization against animal abuse, but rather an organization against mankind. :(

It's sad to see this, as they could do so much good if they just let go of the controversy.

As for your letter to them, Hoorah to you!

I do hope that they at least pay some attention, but if it isn't about controversy and making money, then it may go overlooked. :(

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